Are the Pacers in the Worst Position of any NBA Team?

Here’s my argument: Yes, they have Victor Oladipo which a lot of teams would love to have. They also have a Center under the name Myles Turner who has been terrible this season and is under contract this year and 4 more. Mediocre isn’t fun, and the Pacers are stuck at mediocre, and they dug themselves into a bigger hole with the Turner extension. I understood why they wanted to lock down Turner for 4 more years. What I didn’t understand is how no one who watches these guys practice noticed that Sabonis is twice the player that Turner is. I like Myles Turner, this isn’t his fault. He got his payday, and he ran with it. The Pacers should have evaluated this situation a lot better than they did. I’m not even saying that Turner isn’t worth resigning, but it would have been better to see if the guy that you’re giving an extension too has improved any before you start throwing 70Mil around. Yes, I understand extensions have to be done before the season begins. It would have been better to try and outbid for Turner, in the offseason, rather than give him a payday when he hasn’t proven anything. Now, why this puts the Pacers in such a bad position? You can’t pay your starting Center and your backup Center they same amount of money and plan to compete at a high level. If the Pacers don’t resign Sabonis, they’re idiots to start with. Now you have a locked down future of a Shooting Guard and two Centers who can’t all three exist on the court together. The biggest problem with this is that the Pacers will never suck, so the draft is basically worthless unless a miracle happens. At worst the Pacers are drafting 12-14, which most of the time isn’t going to be a guy that changes the culture of the team or anything. I’m arguably a genius, and I don’t even know how the Pacers can dig themselves out of this hole. I guess we can try to spin mediocre into fun.

Just so everyone knows, I was on the right side of history before this season even tipped off.