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Top 5 Worst Fan Bases (unbiased)

This following blog will be completely unbiased. By worst, I mean the most jackasses and unreasonable fans. 5.) Boston Sports Fans – People who are Celtics, Patriots and Red Sox fans all in one are completely intolerable. They’ve never struggled for long Read More


Josh McDaniels Out as Colts Coach

BREAKING: Josh McDaniels just went full asshole. If my theory is correct probably not the worse move of all time. How he did it though, pretty fucking shitty. You can’t have all your assistant coaches drop everything and start heading Read More

We Just Witnessed it All

We just witnessed the greatest super bowl of all time. That’s a problem. Watching it I was happy as fuck. But now I have to realize that I am only 21 years old and I don’t think I will ever see Read More

Are the Cowboys Stupid or just Stupid?

Who is in Charge of the Dallas Cowboys social media? This is the most pathetic tweet of 2018 by the longshot. Does Jerry Jones know what the fuck is going on? The Cowboys didn’t even make the playoffs and they’re out here Read More

Predictions on NFL divisional winners 2017-2018

AFC AFC East New England Patriots – There really isn’t much to say. The AFC East is pretty much terrible and New England is always going to be one of the top teams in football as long as Belichick and Brady Read More

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