I wanted to make the title “The Biggest Group of Pussies to ever be on TV,” but I’m going to be the bigger man and not do that. Courageous by me, I know. But what the fuck did I watch yesterday? These 4 guys (subtract Rece Davis) are HORRIBLE. They literally sat and took shots at ND for 5 minutes and then so no one would be mad they all went around and said 3 nice things, THAT’S HORRIBLE ENTERTAINMENT. If you think Michigan is better than Notre Dame, then tell me the fuck why. Quit just saying “They seem to be playing better,” what is that? I watched this crew tell me ND is worse than Michigan because they are just worse than Michigan. GROW THE FUCK UP HERBSTREIT. Let me remind you that ND and Michigan played 10 weeks ago, and Notre Dame won 24-17 but I respect takes, I do not respect half ass takes. At one point they explained that Notre Dame shouldn’t make the playoffs if Bama loses to Georgia (which is bananas). Then they continued to say that Notre Dame doesn’t have flaws, what? I don’t want to not like these guys but my god they make it hard. Choose a stance and roll with it, your stance shouldn’t change within 35 seconds. Everyone isn’t going to agree with what you have to say so quit trying to stand on the fence so that no one calls you out for your dumbshit. I promise even if I don’t agree with your takes, if you just choose a stance and only defend that stance then this will be 1000% better. This show could be great if you didn’t care that people were going to get mad but clearly, that’s not the case right now. I want this show to work so that I have something to do on Tuesday’s so I’m just trying to help. At one time, I respected all these guys takes but right now that is impossible since they don’t have real takes.  I am going to give this show one more chance next week, but if they just jump back and forth between their takes, then I will know that it is officially the shittest sports show ever put on TV.

Go Irish.


The NCAA Can Fuck Right Off

The NCAA announced today that they denied the appeal for Notre Dame to get their wins back from 2012-2013 football season. I have two things here:

1.) Who gives a fuck anyway? The NCAA just says the wins don’t count so we are supposed to care. I watched every second of those seasons and in my mind, as a fan, those games outcomes will never change. The games they won and the games they lost. Nothing changes. Everyone is obviously going to say “But Derrik, you are the biggest Notre Dame fan, this is bias”.  The biggest fan part is true. The bias part not so much. When the NCAA got their dicks out over Reggie Bush’s parents taking money, I sided with Reggie Bush. They forced a guy to give back a Heisman trophy over the school giving his parents money. Did Reggie know or didn’t he? It doesn’t matter, he was still the best player in the NCAA by a longshot. Notre Dame’s instance was a little different because a trainer was helping/doing players homework. If you can say you’ve never cheated on school work, you’re a fucking liar. These kids are going to a prestigious school where academics are a must. If a kid doesn’t understand something and someone offers to help them, they would be a fucking idiot to turn it down. The NCAA can suck my dick. They think they control the world. It’s nothing but a damn white country club whose dicks can’t get hard anymore so they just take it out on Student-athletes. These fuckers are going straight to hells gates, they’re nothing but a corrupt group of people. If it doesn’t benefit the country club then they’re not for it. If a kid is making money on YouTube videos, the NCAA says “no no you will not succeed anyway past what we say”.

2.) You’re going to hell you crooked mother fuckers.