Top 5 Worst Fan Bases (unbiased)

This following blog will be completely unbiased. By worst, I mean the most jackasses and unreasonable fans.

5.) Boston Sports Fans – People who are Celtics, Patriots and Red Sox fans all in one are completely intolerable. They’ve never struggled for long enough even to know what struggling is like. They’ve basically been in every championship for my entire life. If Boston sports ever start to struggle you might as well assume that Boston is going to burn to the ground because no Boston fan will have ever experienced losing long term. I respect Boston Fans for how much pride they have, but god damn this is an annoying group of humans.

4.) New York Yankee Fans – Not much writing that needs to be said to prove they belong on this list. The picture below of these white trash gentlemen tells us all we need to know about this fanbase.

3.) SEC Football Fans – NOW THESE FUCKING LUNATICS. SEC fans are a special breed of humans. They’re the only fanbase in the world that will defend a rival just because they’re playing someone from a different conference. INSANE. The craziest part is minus Alabama and Georgia, the rest of the SEC loses to any good team they ever play. The fact that anyone cares enough about a CONFERENCE enough to defend it at all costs is just mind-boggling.

2.) Ohio State Fans – THE Ohio State fans. THE pro-women beaters. THE fans who thought Ohio State was going to make the playoffs after losing to Purdue by 29. THE fans who think Ryan Day is going to be as good of a recruiter as a coach who has won 3 National Titles. THE fans who thought JT Barett was a good quarterback. THE fans who call Ohio State DBU but they can’t defend a pass to save their life. Okay, I’m done.

1.) BRONsexuals – This group is unique. I have zero respect for this fanbase, let’s make that clear. ZERO. The worst part is that number 2 on this list directly ties into number 1 because LeBron said that he would have gone to Ohio State??? We don’t really believe that he wasn’t going to go to Duke, right? He said he wants his son to go to Duke, but he was going to go to Ohio State. Get real. But that’s what is so special about this group; they act completely stupid when it comes to arguing anything about LeBron. NBA fans like myself can’t even enjoy LeBron’s play because all his fans shove it down your throat. He’s a good player but his fans fucking suck. The moment I knew that the BRONsexuals became a problem is when people were defending his “crab dribble,” a blatant travel. If you are going to defend fake basketball moves for a guy, then you will do anything for him. Congrats to the BRONsexuals for getting first for once and they won’t even have to explain why they’re best because I ranked them number 1.


All angry readers, please remember that this was made with an unbiased opinion.


Why are Teams Trying to Help LeBron?

Just because LeBron is finally on a team where they literally won’t be able to compete for a title. DOESN”T mean someone else in the league has to throw them a fucking bone so that they can try and make something work. Why would anyone want any of the other players on this bum ass Cavs team? (minus LeBron, IT and K-Love) Also, I understand DWade is a HOFer but no one wants DWade to be the headline of a trade anymore. So why would someone like the Kings, for instance, send the Cavaliers George Hill, who will help a ton for defense, for players like Channing Frye and Iman Shumpert? George Hill does more for the Kings than Iman Shumpert and Channing Frye will ever do for a team. THEY’RE BOTH BUM ASS PLAYERS. The Kings are trying to make sure they are shitting forever if they make trades like this. The big thing is why the fuck does the rest of the league care about the Cavaliers problems. The Cavaliers are going to struggle in the playoffs because LeBron is the only player on their team that can take over in a playoff series. Also, no one on the team can play defense. Jae Crowder is the most overrated defender of all time so stop with that argument now. So why are people trying to make these trades that just throw the LeBron Cavaliers a bone to help them when it matters. LET THEM FUCKING STRUGGLE. Make the NBA fun again. Why do we want the same finals every year? Can we have an interesting NBA again? If the Cavaliers roster stays as is, they won’t make the finals. Also, certain teams in the bottom of the East depending on who, can beat the Cavaliers in a 7 game series (Pacers, 76ers) because the Cavs literally can’t guard anyone and their roster doesn’t make sense anymore. LeBron is truly losing his mind and he is starting to strongly dislike his own team. If LeBron doesn’t still get along with his team in the playoffs he will sell out. As soon as LeBron is out it’s over. Do you remember when LeBron didn’t play in the 4th quarter for 3 straight years? That will come back if LeBron is not happy with the team he is on. Please, I am begging you other NBA teams, DO NOT THROW LEBRON A BONE. If it doesn’t make your team better now and in the future, don’t make the damn trade. (that last part was for the Kings)