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Top 5 Worst Fan Bases (unbiased)

This following blog will be completely unbiased. By worst, I mean the most jackasses and unreasonable fans. 5.) Boston Sports Fans – People who are Celtics, Patriots and Red Sox fans all in one are completely intolerable. They’ve never struggled for long Read More


Top 20 Most Dominant Athletes of the Last 20 Years. (Since ESPN Can’t Do It)

Someone with a working brain has to make this list because ESPN completely fucked it up. They weren’t even close. They literally didn’t even have the most dominant athlete of the last 20 years on their list. HOW? It is clear Read More

Are We Actually Believing This Shit?

First things first fuck Chris Haynes. This dude literally made up a title to make people think Lebron was going to Golden State. You literally read the title of the article and then you click on the article and it Read More

Why are Teams Trying to Help LeBron?

Just because LeBron is finally on a team where they literally won’t be able to compete for a title. DOESN”T mean someone else in the league has to throw them a fucking bone so that they can try and make Read More

Should the Lakers even want Paul George?

Free agency 2018 could potentially mark the beginning of a new era in Los Angeles. With expiring contracts and the availability of big-name players this summer, the Lakers have the opportunity to become a playoff team. While there are plenty Read More

Time to Eliminate NBA All-Star Fan Voting.

With the new vote count among Eastern Conference guards, it has become clear that fan voting has turned into a popularity contest. I could go on and talk about why Ben Simmons isn’t a top 3 guard in the East, Read More

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