Are we sure?

Alright someone has to be fucking with me. PAU GASOL IS 38th ON THE ALL-TIME NBA SCORING LIST. 38th!!! I know Pau Gasol was a very talented basketball player and has been in the league forever, but holy shit 38th was way higher than I would have guessed. WAY HIGHER. Not even an insult but if you told me to guess I wouldn’t have been anywhere near 38. Maybe would have guessed in the 90s, most likely somewhere in the 100s just for reference for players near Pau Gasol: David Robinson(39th), Larry Bird(33rd), John Stockton(45th), Scottie Pippen(57th). You get the point he’s in good company being 38th. I like to consider myself very knowledgeable when it comes to the NBA, but this even stumped me. I went and searched his name into google to make sure I was thinking of the right player. He only averaged over 20ppg in 2 of his seasons out of 18 so far. Pau Gasol is arguably the most consistent player of all time. 

Is Pau Gasol a Hall of Famer?  I would like to believe so with him being a 6x All-Star, 4x All-NBA and a 2x Champ but Pau Gasol seems like one of those guys you just forget about. I will now fight for Pau Gasol to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, I never saw myself fighting this battle but holy shit, 38th! 

(On the ABA + NBA all-time scoring list Gasol is 43rd, still crazy.) 

(Also how the fuck is Joe Johnson 42nd?)