Yu-Gi-Oh Still Exist?

First things first, I remember when Yu-Gi-Oh hit the US all of us young fuckers were playing a game that we didn’t even a little bit understand. We use to lay out that piece of plastic with card spots on it that came with the packs so you could “battle” your friends. The game never really made any damn sense. One good card for your opponent and you were just fucked, you couldn’t win. But you have to also take into account that we didn’t know how to play we just made shit up as we went. I thought Yu-Gi-Oh passed away 10 years ago at least. Now that I think about it, I never did hear about the funeral. I just anticipated that I wasn’t invited because I didn’t give a shit about it. I was wrong people, I mean I was wrong. It is back!! Maybe bigger than ever.

So in a Yu-Gi-Oh shop in Tokyo, I guess there is a card in the shop they’re selling for $400,000(US Dollars). Yes, you read that correct I didn’t accidentally¬†add 5 zeros. More than most fucking cars, more than most middle-income families houses, almost everything you own this card is worth more. The obvious¬†question, who the fuck let this card get away from them? Have you ever seen a Lambo in person? This card is worth more. Have seen a Porsche? That’s cute, it is going to take 4 of those suckers to get your hand on this card. To be fair the name of the card is the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon and I don’t know about you but I’m not going to fuck around and duel the guy with a card named the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. Just when you thought all creature card games were dead Yu-Gi-Oh came out of the woodwork and said, “ha nice one.” I honestly don’t know if I can recover knowing someone out there values a Yu-Gi-Oh card at $400,000. Has the world really came to the point where someone is just going to say fuck it and buy the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon for $400,000? If so, count me out.