UPDATE: Not My Year

It’s still the most wonderful time of the year, no matter how bad I’m doing with my bracket right now. As expected, I started off hot, but ever since day 2 of the first round I’ve been cold as ice. I picked approximately 16 upsets (seed-wise) in the first and second rounds (depending on what games you count as upsets) and there’s only been about 2 legit upsets happen so far (Liberty, UC Irvine). I wouldn’t count Oregon, Ohio State or Murray State winning as upsets even though they were the higher seeds. And what makes this all even worse is that I did very little research this year over all the tournament games. I tried my best not to overthink and not overlook the lower seeded teams and that led me to picking lots of upsets, just how it’s been every year in March. But this year has been different. The better teams have won and have played their best game they could to advance. If you would’ve told me every 1,2 and 3 seed would make it to the sweet sixteen and there’d only be 2 teams that are a 5 seed or higher in the sweet 16, I would’ve laughed at your small college basketball mind. The good news is I still have all my final four teams left playing (UNC, Michigan, Duke and Virginia) so that’s great. LOTS OF BASKETBALL LEFT.


It’s Time (Bruce Buffer Voice)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. March Madness is back again for another round. I’ve already made my bracket and thankfully I didn’t make the mistake of creating 6 or 7 different ones but stuck to just one bracket. I won’t tell you who I picked to win it all but I will tell you who would be smart to pick and who not to pick. I won’t give you every game but will do most of them.

Let’s start in the East Region.

Duke is the #1 seed here and #1 seed overall. I expect them to make it out of this region but after that, I think it gets dicey. First, Liberty has bells ringing in my ears for some reason (see what I did there) so I like them in a first-round upset. Also, I REALLY like Belmont mostly because I don’t like Maryland at all. The last time they were a 6 seed (2017) they lost. I also like LSU and Minnesota. My Big upset in this region is the Gophers over Michigan State. Michigan State as a 2 seed just smells like failure to me (Let us not forget 2016, the last time they were a 2 seed).

Now the West Region.

Gonzaga will either make it to the Final Four or lose in the 2nd round and I’m taking the latter. The Marquette and Murray State game should be a doozie but the blue and gold team will win ;). I LOVE Michigan. It’s just something about Jon Beilein in the tournament. Buffalo can be really sneaky and my one upset is Northern Kentucky over Texas Tech.

Time for the Midwest Region. I love the Tar Heels in this region. Coby White and Cameron Johnson look too good to me. Ohio State and Iowa State will be the most exciting game and was definitely a difficult one to decide on. Auburn is my sleeper and Georgia State led by Ron Hunter is my upset.

Finally, the South Region.

Let’s get this out of the way first: Purdue will either lose in the first round to Old Dominion or the second round to Villanova. I just have no trust in them and I know that hurts the Lewis family to hear. The only reason I like Virginia is becuase of how they lost last year to 16th seeded UMBC. I’d like to see them bounce back from that game in a big way. My upset in this side of the bracket is Oregon over Wisconsin and even though seed wide it looks like an upset, these two teams are pretty good and should give us a good game. I don’t like Tennessee due to how crazily up and down they’ve been this year. Also, I think Cincinnati could turn some heads this year.

Some other friendly reminders: Root for the underdog and don’t have all 1’s and 2’s in your Elite Eight (Jay Williams and Jay Bilas ((IDIOTS)).

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My Actual Thoughts On This Here Le’Veon Bell Guy

Le’Veon is at it again commenting on Colts related pictures on Instagram. Either this guy is obsessed with Luck, or he’s really trying to drop some hints about wanting to join the horseshoe.

Originally I had said that the Colts shouldn’t pursue Bell during this upcoming offseason because of a probable hefty price tag and because of the success the Colts are having with their current run game. Mack and Hines have been good. The offensive line has been marvelous. The offense as a whole has really come together for this second half of the season. Why would we need to change anything up by trying to add Bell to the team?

Like I said, originally I didn’t think it was necessary, but maybe, just maybe, I’ve had my mind changed. Why would it help? Well, the Colts for one will have a ton of cap space for next year, if not the greatest amount of any team and Bell is still arguably a top 5 running back in the league, considering he doesn’t miss a beat after sitting out this year. The Colts right now aren’t a team of stars. In fact, our stars right now aside from Luck are of course T.Y. Hilton and two amazing rookies in Quenton Nelson and Darius Leonard. The way this Colts team looks with Luck and all these average players around him is really something to talk about. Currently on a 5 game win streak with basically no superstars other than Luck.

I honestly expect the Colts to make the playoffs but with a potential addition of Bell, I can see a deep run in the playoffs next year. Don’t get me wrong I love Mack and Hines in the backfield, but how more complete will the Colts be if they get a terrific back in Bell next year. And with all the cap space we have, I say take a chance at him, because right now I see a fairly complete playoff team full of young talent on both sides of the ball. There’d be nothing wrong with making a hard push for Bell during the next offseason.


The bloody Irish have finished an undefeated regular season. 12-0. Perfect. The last time that happened they were slaughtered in the national championship game to Alabama 42-14 in 2012. Bama was loaded with AJ McCarron (and his girlfriend), a non-fat Eddie Lacy and Amari Cooper, who ND had no answer for. But that was then. This is now. Notre Dame should stay at 3 in the college football playoff. I expect Alabama to win the SEC against Georgia and Clemson to defeat Pittsburgh in the ACC Championship next weekend. But God forbid anything besides that happens because then we’d have a big ole dump in the committee’s ice cream trying to figure out the final four. We also can’t forget about Oklahoma and evil Ohio State. Ohio State will beat Northwestern and anything can happen between Texas and Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship game. I think win or lose Alabama will be in the final four and if Georgia were to win they’d be the fourth team to complete the playoff. If Clemson wins obviously they’re in, but if they lost to Pittsburgh…we’ll just have to see what the committee does.

Worst case scenario: Alabama loses, Clemson loses, Oklahoma wins and Ohio State wins. Now you have five 1 loss teams to maneuver around somehow and an uNDefeated Notre Dame team. Would they be the number 1 seed if that scenario were to occur? *big eyes emoji*. My prediction if that were to happen: Notre Dame is 1, Georgia is 2, Clemson is 3 and Alabam is 4. Georgia is 2 because they beat Bama, Clemson is 3 because their wins are too impressive. Alabama is 4 because the committee wouldn’t want them and Georgia to play against each other in back-to-back games. Oklahoma doesn’t make it because their defense is garbage and they only have 1 win against a ranked team. Ohio State doesn’t make it because of their loss to Purdue and some of their wins against bad Big 10 teams have been too close (Nebraska, Maryland). I don’t expect this scenario to happen though *phew*.

Best case scenario: Alabama wins (because they will) and stays at 1, Clemson wins (because they will) and stays at 2, Notre Dame stays at 3, Oklahoma loses to Texas and Ohio State (even though they are evil) beats Northwestern and moves into the final spot at number 4. Why is this best case scenario? Because I think Ohio State has the best chance of beating Alabama when they play in the semifinal. Oklahoma is good, but defense doesn’t exist in the Big 12 and that won’t work well against Alabama. Notre Dame’s best shot at the title is an Ohio State win over Bama and an interesting matchup with Clemson that I believe they can win. But just like in 2012, their chances against Alabama, if they were to meet up, are like the Colts chances against Tom Brady and the Patriots.

Go Irish! #uNDefeated

The Gosh Dang Colts Mid-Season Report

The gosh dang Colts. I love the gosh dang Colts. Coulda woulda shoulda won at least 4 of the 5 games they lost, but things are looking up after winning their last 3. Andrew Luck is the Andrew Luck we hope for, the young defense led by Darius Leonard (R.O.Y) is playing well and gosh dang Quenton Nelson is a chicken with his head cut off. I don’t know what has gotten into this offensive line this year thus far but Luck owes them all a very nice Christmas gift. NO SACKS allowed in the last 4 games! Last year we were putting bets on how many times Luck would get sacked. This offensive play is huge and the key to more games won in my opinion. If Luck is protected then he will make the play and he has these past 4 games. And for once in a lifetime the Colts aren’t using a different starting 5 on the front line every week. And what else does a good offensive line do for you, well gosh dangit we finally have a run game. Mack and Hines are finding holes. And no we don’t need to go after a selfish Le’Veon Bell in the offseason (unless the $ is right…which it won’t be). You can try to convince me otherwise but if we do pick him up we’d be wasting a lot with Mack, Hines, and Wilkins, and the addition could take a lot away from continuing to improve the defense, but I digress.

Let’s not forget about these tight ends either. Eric Ebron leads the NFL in TE touchdowns. Jack Doyle has a wonderful name and a wonderful neckbeard like Luck. Mo Alie-Cox comes out of nowhere but looks good. So yeah, best tight end group in the NFL *shoulder shrug*.

Like I said, things are looking up. The Colts arguably have the weakest schedule in the league to finish the season and if this play continues then gosh dangit we’re in the playoffs! PLAYOFFS? You kidding me? Playoffs? We have key division games still left and some pesky average teams just like us to play. The Titans are average but it’s winnable. The Dolphins are average but Brock Osweiler is QB so you tell me. The Texans are good so that’s a toss-up. The Cowboys are bipolar and the Giants stink. We must keep this up though or else we could lose every single one of those games because every single one of those teams is trying to do exactly what we are and that is make the playoffs. PLAYOFFS?

For once I am anticipating NFL Sunday more than I have the past couple of years. This Colts team can turn some heads for this last part of the season. I should also remind you all out there that ESPN had the Colts last in their power rankings before regular season game 1.

My First LeBron-hating Post (and first post in general)

I won’t talk about the NBA or anything related to it much but now I will occasionally chime in on 421 and talk about the most glorious and wonderful human being that roams this earth today. No, I’m not talking about Ryan Gosling or Chris Pratt. I’m referring to the media’s golden boy LeBron James.

Ever since he came out of high school it was LeBron James this, LeBron James that. NBA season means it’s time to talk about LeBron 78% of the time, the Warriors 21% of the time and the other 1% goes to why Draymond Green got another technical foul or overhyping Ben Simmons. The MLB postseason could be going on and for failing ESPN that’s not good enough to talk about over their beloved LeBron James.

So, why do I wrote this article? Honestly, because I can’t stand LeBron and how much coverage he gets, but also because him going to L.A. was the best move he’s ever made.

When LeBron played for Cleveland and Miami, it was nonstop coverage on the east coast, from the morning till after his games. And I know exactly why he gets all that attention. He brings in views, kids love him and he’s the greatest player of all time. Yes, I know. Even though my dislike for him is strong, I believe if not now but once he’s retired, he’ll be considered the greatest basketball player of all time. “Don’t hate his game, hate the player”, that’s what they say right? Anyways, the east coast basically revolved around him. Now that he’s on the west coast all of his games won’t start until 10 pm eastern time. And if I’m up at 10 o’clock watching a game on T.V., it will not be a bum of a Laker game. I will be doing homework or watching some late night MACtion or The Office…again.

Like I already said, LeBron is the greatest player in the game right now and not to mention his work in his community is amazing as well. That’s how every professional athlete should be. Ones who give back and if anyone should be doing it, it should be LeBron. So don’t get me wrong, LeBron is a great player and you gotta respect his work (when he’s not complaining to referees), but it’s nice to see a lot more time from these major sports networks being put into other teams like the Pacers for example who are an exciting bunch to watch, play team basketball, and deserve more national T.V. slots.


NBA Power Rankings

30. Atlanta Hawks     Image result for atlanta hawks

2017-2018 Record: 24-58

Result: 15th in the Eastern Conference

ESPN Ranking: 30

Bleacher Report Ranking: 29

29. Brooklyn NetsImage result for brooklyn nets

2017-2018 Record: 28-54

Result: 12th in the Eastern Conference

ESPN Ranking: 28

Bleacher Report Ranking: 28

28. Sacramento Kings Image result for kings

2017-2018 Record: 27-55

Result: 12th in the Western Conference

ESPN Rankings: 29

Bleacher Report Ranking: 30

27. New York Knicks Image result for new york knicks

2017-2018 Record: 29-53

Result: 11th in the Eastern Conference

ESPN Ranking: 27

Bleacher Report Ranking: 26

26. Orlando Magic Image result for magic nba

2017-2018 Record 25-57

Result: 14th in the Eastern Conference

ESPN Ranking: 26

Bleacher Report Ranking: 27

25. Chicago Bulls Image result for bulls

2017-2018 Record: 27-55

Result: 13th in the Eastern Conference

ESPN Ranking: 25

Bleacher Report Ranking: 23

24. Phoenix SunsImage result for suns nba

2017-2108 Record: 21-61

Result: 15th in the Western Conference

ESPN Ranking: 24

Bleacher Report Ranking: 24

23. Los Angeles Clippers Image result for la clippers

2017-2018 Record: 42-40

Result: 10th in the Western Conference

ESPN Ranking: 17

Bleacher Report Ranking: 20

22. Cleveland CavaliersImage result for cavs

2017-2018 Record: 50-32

Result: 4th in the Eastern Conference and Lost NBA Finals

ESPN Ranking: 23

Bleacher Report Ranking: 21

21. Charlotte Hornets Image result for hornets nba

2017-2018 Record: 36-46

Result: 10th in the Eastern Conference

ESPN Ranking: 21

Bleacher Report Ranking: 22

20. Dallas Mavericks Image result for mavericks

2017-2018 Record: 24-58

Result: 13th in the Western Conference

ESPN Ranking: 19

Bleacher Report Ranking: 19

19. Memphis GrizzliesImage result for grizzlies nba

2017-2018 Record: 22-60

Result: 14th in the Western Conference

ESPN Ranking: 18

Bleacher Report Ranking: 25

18. Miami Heat Image result for heat nba

2017-2018 Record: 44-38

Result: 6th in the Eastern Conference

ESPN Ranking: 20

Bleacher Report Ranking: 17

17. Detroit Pistons Image result for pistons

2017-2018 Record: 39-43

Result: 9th in the Eastern Conference

ESPN Ranking: 22

Bleacher Report Ranking: 18

16. Washington WizardsImage result for wizards nba

2017-2018 Record: 43-39

Result: 8th in the Eastern Conference

ESPN Ranking: 14

Bleacher Report Ranking: 14

15. Milwaukee BucksImage result for bucks nba

2017-2018 Record: 44-38

Result: 7th in the Eastern Conference

ESPN Ranking: 16

Bleacher Report Ranking: 15

14. New Orleans PelicansImage result for pelicans nba

2017-2018 Record: 48-34

Result: 6th in the Western Conference

ESPN Ranking: 12

Bleacher Report Ranking: 10

13. Portland Trail Blazers Image result for blazers nba

2017-2018 Record: 49-33

Result: 3rd in the Western Conference

ESPN Ranking: 10

Bleacher Report Ranking: 16

12. Minnesota Timberwolves Image result for timberwolves nba

2017-2018 Record: 47-35

Result: 8th in the Western Conference

ESPN Ranking: 15

Bleacher Report Ranking: 12

11. San Antonio SpursImage result for spurs nba

2017-2018 Record: 47-35

Result: 7th in the Western Conference

ESPN Ranking: 13

Bleacher Report Ranking: 13

10. Indiana PacersImage result for pacers nba

2017-2018 Record: 48-34

Result: 5th in the Eastern Conference

ESPN Ranking: 11

Bleacher Report Ranking: 11

9. Utah Jazz Image result for utah jazz

2017-2018 Record: 48-34

Result: 5th in the Western Conference

ESPN Ranking: 7

Bleacher Report Ranking: 6

8. Denver NuggetsImage result for nuggets nba

2017-2018 Record: 46-36

Result: 9th in the Western Conference

ESPN Ranking: 8

Bleacher Report Ranking: 9

7. Los Angeles LakersImage result for lakers

2017-2018 Record: 35-47

Result: 11th in the Western Conference

ESPN Ranking: 9

Bleacher Report Ranking: 7

6. Philadelphia 76ersImage result for 76ers

2017-2018 Record: 52-30

Result: 3rd in the Eastern Conference

ESPN Ranking: 4

Bleacher Report Ranking: 4

5. Toronto Raptors Image result for raptors

2017-2018 Record: 59-23

Result: 1st in the Eastern Conference

ESPN Ranking: 5

Bleacher Report Ranking: 8

4. Oklahoma ThunderImage result for thunder nba

2017-2018 Record: 48-34

Result: 4th in the Western Conference

ESPN Ranking: 6

Bleacher Report Ranking: 5

3. Houston Rockets Related image

2017-2018 Record: 65-17

Result: 1st in the Western Conference

ESPN Ranking: 3

Bleacher Report Ranking: 3

2. Boston Celtics Image result for celtics logo

2017-2018 Record: 55-27

Result: 2nd in the Eastern Conference

ESPN Ranking: 2

Bleacher Report Ranking: 2

1. Golden State Warriors Image result for warriors logo

2017-2018 Record: 58-24

Result: 2nd in the Western Conference and Won NBA Finals

ESPN Ranking: 1

Bleacher Report Ranking: 1



Predictions on NFL divisional winners 2017-2018


AFC East

  • New England Patriots – There really isn’t much to say. The AFC East is pretty much terrible and New England is always going to be one of the top teams in football as long as Belichick and Brady are around. Buffalo is always going to flirt at being good, the Dolphins can’t seem to ever pull it together and the Jets are so far from even having a winning record.

AFC North

  • Pittsburgh Steelers – The AFC North is a little less lopsided then the AFC East but that being said there is still only two competitive teams in the AFC North. Steelers and Ravens. The Steelers in my eyes are probably the favorite to play in the AFC championship against the Patriots again this coming year. They have a older but still very talented quarterback in Roethlisberger. Arguably the best receiver in football in Antoino Brown. And a top 5 running back in Le’Veon Bell. They also took three great talents in the draft in  T.J Watt(OLB), JuJu Smith-Schuster(WR), and James Conner(RB).

AFC South

  • Indianapolis Colts – I think this division is now more lopsided then people think. The Colts had the worst GM in the world, they finally fired him and have moved on to a defensive minded GM in Chris Ballard which is great for the Colts. They have a established offense but the defense wouldn’t of been the best in Pee Wee football. Ballard completely scrapped the defense and built it himself with some pretty decent talent. Drafted 6 defensive players with 8 draft picks. The top of that list, a remarkable talent in Malik Hooker.  Expect the Colts to be a 11 win team not season putting them 2 games ahead of everyone else in the AFC South.

AFC West

  • Oakland Raiders – In a very competitive AFC West with Kansas City and the Denver Broncos. I see the Oakland taking the AFC West. They have a excellent young talent in Derek Carr on the offensive side of the ball and the have a great talent in Khalil Mack on the defensive side of the ball. The secondary was the focus of change for Oakland and they added depth with Obi Melifonwu and they also have their 2016 pick in Gareon Conley. Also the signed Marshawn Lynch this off season which adds a great amount of personality and he will find a way to be contributor some how.


NFC East

  • Dallas Cowboys – The Cowboys shocked the world last year. Dak Prescott and Zeke were just flat out great last season. Even though i do believe that Dak might of showed everything he had last season and I don’t see him improving much. I do think Zekes potential is wherever he wants to go. I see the Cowboys beating the Giants out for the NFC East again this season.

NFC North

  • Green Bay Packers – The NFC North is fairly weak. I don’t think anyone is going to compete with the Packers this season in the North especially if they can stay healthy. Aaron Rodgers is going to put up outstanding numbers just like every year. I think the Packers are more than talented enough to win the NFC North.

NFC South

  • Atlanta Falcons – Probably the best offense in football in a division that there is no team defensively going to stop them. Matt Ryan outstanding. Julio Jones outstanding. That duo is almost unstoppable. They also have a workhorse running back in Freeman. No one in the NFC South is stopping the Falcons. (28-3)

NFC West

  • Seattle Seahawks – The NFC West has completely fallen apart. The Seahawks are a excellent playoff team. Excellent defensively. With a quarterback who probably wouldn’t be a starter in any other system they seem to make it work. Watch out for the Seahawks come playoffs because they seem to always be a competitive playoff team.


A Way to Early Look at the 2018 NBA Playoffs

Knowing that the NBA playoffs ended last month and free agency isn’t even completely over, would it even be a blog if we didn’t start talking about the 2018 playoffs?

Western Conference

  1. Golden State Warriors – No reasoning needed.
  2. San Antonio Spurs – I don’t believe anyone in the West improved enough to take the 2 spot over the Spurs.
  3. Oklahoma City Thunder – With the addition of Paul George and the resigning of Roberson I see the Thunder as one of the best defensive teams in the NBA. Oh yeah, and they have Russell Westbrook still.
  4. Minnesota Timberwolves – I think with trade for Jimmy Butler losing potentially nothing and the signings of Jeff Teague and Taj Gibson. I think the Wolves win 20 more games moving them up to 4th in the West this year.
  5. Houston Rockets – I think with the addition of Chris Paul the Rockets became worse simply because there is only one basketball and now two ball dominant guards.. Also they’re trying to trade for Melo???? Reminder Houston: 1 BALL.
  6. Portland Trailblazers – Lillard and McCollum are just amazing. Nurkic stays healthy averaging 15pts 10rebs 3ast and 2blks. I think they have a bright future. Even though I think the Zach Collins pick was awful. I believe they got a steal in Caleb Swanigan in the draft.
  7. Los Angeles Clippers – The Clippers became drastically worse this off season but I still don’t see them falling out of the playoffs. (assuming Blake is healthy which is a long shot) I believe in the Chris Paul trade they received enough to keep themselves in the playoffs.
  8. Denver Nuggets – Jokic is arguably the most interesting player in the NBA. Pair him along side Paul Milsap and I see the Nuggets in the playoffs. The only thing that troubles me about the Nuggets is they have way to many “bigs” who deserve to play and not enough guards.

Eastern Conference

  1. Boston Celtics – The Celtics have something to prove after signing Hayward. Also they drafted Jayson Tatum and if you’ve watched summer league wow! That kid can play.
  2. Cleveland Cavaliers – Easy as this they have LeBron. The only reason they’re not the 1st seed because LeBron takes 3-4 games off a month and their bench is horrendous.
  3. Milwaukee Bucks – I believe this year the Bucks make the jump from the 6th seed all the way up to the 3 seed. Jabari is going to stay healthy and be one of the top scorers in the whole Eastern Conference. Also don’t forget they have Giannis.
  4. Washington Wizards – They ultimately gain nothing and lose nothing this off season so I like the Wizards staying here at 4.
  5.  Toronto Raptors – The raptors became worse this off season changed nothing and lost two role players in Corey Joseph and Demarre Carroll and received C.J Miles…. If you think C.J is going to bail your underachieving out then think again. Also drafted OG Anunoby who may not play this year. I don’t understand the Raptors off season at all.
  6. Charlotte Hornets – With the East being so terrible, I believe the pick up of Dwight Howard for this Hornets teams actually launches them into the playoffs. Plus I think Malik Monk and Kemba Walker are going to be a deadly combo with each other. A center who is going to average over 10rebs a game is going to really help this team.
  7. Atlanta Hawks – Not really much to say. The East is awful this could be a 36 win team in the playoffs.
  8. Philadelphia 76ers – A team of great talent only if they can all stay healthy. They drafted Fultz who can already score like a NBA veteran, the kid is going to light up the stat books. Also could only be a 36-35 win team and make the playoffs and if everything comes together I think they could possibly even steal a couple of games from the 1 seed in the playoffs.

This is a long shot because we are still almost a year away until the playoffs start. Injuries, trades, etc. still will happen between now and then. But on July 12, 2017 this is how I believe the playoffs will look like come April of 2018.

Paul George trying to ruin the Pacers?

Did Paul George try and ruin the Pacers? Many Pacers fans have reason to believe so. Lets date back to early February 2017 when the rumors that in 2018 Paul George was going to sign with the Lakers. These rumors sent all Pacers fans into a panic because now you’re faced with what to believe with these rumors. Was Paul George really going to turn down more money to play in LA? Are these rumors real? Where did they come from? Many of these questions  went through all of the Pacers fans minds and plenty more. So plenty of Paul George trade options start surfacing especially with the Celtics. (the team that had the most to offer) The Pacers front office was then stuck on the fence on what to do because they aren’t sure if the rumors are true just like everyone else. But to stop all rumors Paul George comes out and says that he wants to win in Indy(completely lie to shut up all of the press). The trade deadline finally passes Paul isn’t dealt, leaving the impression to a lot of Pacers fans that Paul George is the man for the future for the Pacers. Fast Forward to April Pacers are now in the playoffs and George plays outstanding against the defending champs(Pacers arguably giving the Cavs the best competition in the playoffs other than the Warriors). After that series Pacers fans seem happy with the decision to not deal George. Jump 2 months to mid June and Paul George comes out and says that he is not resigning with the Pacers in 2018 and plans to sign with the Lakers. (complete cock move by the way) Now after that comment his trade value drops tremendously. Teams are only willing to give role players and no draft picks for George because they see him as a one year rental unless you’re the Lakers. Which the Lakers came out and said that they will give up no young talent for George but would give either Clarkson or Randle and a late first round pick for George. (which would go down as one of the worst trades in NBA history) Boston tried to draw the trade out as long as they could because they preferred Hayward over George and didn’t want to ruin their chances with Hayward. (good decision by them) OKC jumps in and offers the Pacers Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis (no draft picks) for George. Which the Pacers received to mediocre role players(in my opinion) and the Thunder dumped salary to get what some consider a top 10 player in the league. Now in July, Paul George reportedly has the nerve to come out and say “interest in Lakers has “been overstated” could stay with the Thunder” via Bleacher Report Twitter. Does he just want to be the most hated Pacer of all time?

Basically to my point of Paul George trying the ruin the Pacers. Imagine the Pacers getting some real starters and draft picks which is what the value of George was not just one mediocre starter and a unproven bench player for what some consider a top 10 player in the league. Also imagine how terrible Paul Georges legacy in Indy would be if the Pacers improved or even stayed just above .500 because they were given a good trade for him. Do I think Paul George purposely tried to tarnish the Pacers to save his ego/legacy? Yeah, I do believe that. In the order of how he did everything just doesn’t make sense. Did Paul George know the Pacers were going to get snubbed because he claimed himself as a rental? Obviously unless he doesn’t have a brain. Thunder traded for top 10 player in the league and dumped salary with nothing to lose(knowing they aren’t going to beat the Warriors or the Spurs next year). Did I just write a whole conspiracy theory on why Paul George is a asshole? Pretty much.