The Very First J-Lew Movie Review

First, don’t let me ruin this movie for you if you are planning on seeing it. However, if you’re on the fence about it you can certainly read this. So people were raving about Pet Semetary and Eriel and I, being the moviegoers we are, decided to go see it Saturday, knowing nothing about it from the book or the older movie. I don’t care I don’t read books for fun. Anyways, we’ve seen a double-digit amount of movies this year but I’ll let out most recent trip to the theatre start off these reviews.

Overall thoughts: TERRIBLE

I won’t give out any spoilers so here are just some few thoughts in bullet form.

  • This movie did not scare me
  • There’s not enough backstory about the semetary
  • There’s legit only 5 characters throughout the movie
  • When the movie ends, you’ll look back and realize there were multiple scenes that meant absolutely nothing
  • The ending is a huge letdown

If I were a critic from rotten tomatoes, this movie would get about 46%.


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