UPDATE: Not My Year

It’s still the most wonderful time of the year, no matter how bad I’m doing with my bracket right now. As expected, I started off hot, but ever since day 2 of the first round I’ve been cold as ice. I picked approximately 16 upsets (seed-wise) in the first and second rounds (depending on what games you count as upsets) and there’s only been about 2 legit upsets happen so far (Liberty, UC Irvine). I wouldn’t count Oregon, Ohio State or Murray State winning as upsets even though they were the higher seeds. And what makes this all even worse is that I did very little research this year over all the tournament games. I tried my best not to overthink and not overlook the lower seeded teams and that led me to picking lots of upsets, just how it’s been every year in March. But this year has been different. The better teams have won and have played their best game they could to advance. If you would’ve told me every 1,2 and 3 seed would make it to the sweet sixteen and there’d only be 2 teams that are a 5 seed or higher in the sweet 16, I would’ve laughed at your small college basketball mind. The good news is I still have all my final four teams left playing (UNC, Michigan, Duke and Virginia) so that’s great. LOTS OF BASKETBALL LEFT.


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