Worst SB Ever?

Yeah yeah we all know the super bowl was bad and the Patriots won and Maroon 5 was very average and the commercials were subpar and this and that and whatever else. Was it the worst super bowl ever? The wonderful people of Twitter certainly think so on my poll. Over 70% of people think this years game beat out the 43-8 whooping the Broncos got back in 2014. Two results from two games that I wasn’t expecting. Sure the 2014 game had lots of points but a blowout against the team you’re rooting for isn’t fun to watch and I do remember the commercials that year weren’t good either (I don’t remember the last year the commercials were noticeably good and funny). I would vote for that game just because it was so out of reach for most of the game (From the first snap actually). There was no hope for Manning. This years game I was just waiting and waiting for Goff to make something happen or Gurley to actually be the good running back he is but no. My hope for an exciting 4th quarter didn’t happen. We got nothing. No scoring. No excitement. We were let down big time. Anyway, I figured this year’s game would be well past the over of 56 but no. 16 points. I would’ve guessed one team would score at least 16 points in a quarter. If you like defense and seeing the 4th down army on the field dang near every possession then this game was perfect for you, but not for me, sorry.

Sean McVay says he was outcoached and maybe he was (he was), but not all the blame should be on him. Supposedly the Rams had the best offensive line in the league but you would’ve thought the Colts 2017 O-Line was out there. Goff held onto the ball way too long at times which would’ve worked in previous games because of how stout they were in the trenches, but this game was different.

On the other hand, Brady, yet again, was hardly touched (sacked once) and had plenty of time to throw the ball 3 yards downfield or hand off to his back. Yes, I know there were a few throws longer downfield but the Rams gave him the short stuff and Edelman mostly was the one who capitalized for them. And what did I say? If Brady had time and didn’t see pressure from Donald or Suh, he would make the right plays. They only scored 13 points but a wins a win. If you would have told me though before the game that the Pats would score only 13 points, I would have expected 31 from the Rams. Sad.

Don’t forget, the Super Bowl is in Miami next year that means the Colts will be there!


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