Big Game Number 53

The matchup I dreaded to see will be. Vader and the Sith Lord (Brady and Belichick) will head to their 9th super bowl game together, winning 5 of their last 8 appearances. No doubt the greatest franchise the sport has seen. They will face an up and coming team in the L.A. Rams. As a loyal fan, I hate the matchup but as a fan of the game of football, I look forward to it. Also, Los Angeles still doesn’t deserve an NFL team, let alone two! Although if they do win then who knows maybe their fan base will double in size from 12 to 24.

Back in 2002, these same two teams (The Rams were in St. Louis) met in Super Bowl 36, New England winning 20-17. The Rams were 14! point favorites to a young Tom Brady who won this game on a Vinatieri field goal and a dominant defensive gameplan from Bill Belichick. This year, however, the Patriots are early 1.5 point favorites and that mark could move up to as much as 3 before the game. Everyone’s betting on the Pats, and after everyone betted against them the entire playoffs I’m not surprised. If I could, I would also bet on the Pats. Why? Because you don’t bet against Tom Brady, and the Pats aren’t facing an NFC East team, which have been his only super bowl losses (Giants, Eagles). This is where it’s hard to be a Patriot hater because those superstitious things will make you sway the other way. I want the Rams to win. Actually, I want to see the Patriots lose, but because of Stevie Wonder, I have my superstitions.

Maybe we’ll see a high scoring affair just like last years super bowl which was no doubt the greatest one I’ve seen. I love Nick Foles. The Rams average nearly 6 points more a game than the Pats but the Patriots also gave up 4 points less on average than the Rams. Brady and company can no doubt put up points at will and the Rams have a ton of weapons in Gurley, Cooks, and Woods. But, we could also see a low scoring game. The Patriots defense always tends to play better in the playoffs and the Rams have big name guys like Aaron Donald, Dante Fowler, and Aqib Talib. You would think the Rams would be significantly better on D but the two teams actually stack up evenly on paper for the most part.

Forget everything I just said because numbers actually don’t matter in the Super Bowl.

Rams win if they pressure Brady a lot better than the Chiefs did. Patriots win if Brady has time to throw. Maroon 5 wins if they also bring out Gucci Mane and the Migos with Travis Scott. It’s that simple.

Don’t forget the Saints got robbed.


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