The Wild Wild Wild Card

It’s the gosh dang Colts again. By golly what has gotten into them? I am so impressed with this team right now! A complete game from start to finish has this team heading to Kansas City next Saturday. Colts win 21-7 but it felt bigger than that. Deshaun Watson basically wet the bed and couldn’t do anything against the Colts defense. On the other side, Andrew Luck is a bloody general caveman wizard. Finally, this no-name Colts defense has been the biggest non-drama filled surprise the league has seen this year. And 2nd…the Colts offensive line, led by the juggernaut Quenton Nelson.

We can’t forget about who deserves a lot of this credit though. Getting Frank Reich as head coach instead of Josh McDaniels is like the Pacers trading a good Paul George away and getting two average players from the Thunder, I mean who would even think about making that trade? We all know how those events have turned out.

I’ve never been more excited about a Colts team in my life honestly. I can feel something in the air. I have nothing but good feelings.

The rest of my wild card predictions:

Seahawks over Cowboys, Chargers defeat the Ravens and the Eagles beat da Bears.

Other Notes:

The Rams and Patriots will not win their playoff game. The Colts will beat the Chiefs next week, once the Cowboys lose tonight they will fire Jason Garrett the next day and even though I love Nick Foles, I have a hard time rooting against history and Drew Bress.

My Colts fan Super Bowl prediction:

Colts v. Saints

My more reasonable Super Bowl Prediction:

Chargers v. Saints *shoulder shrug*

No more questions. We’re on to Kansas City. *Belichick voice*


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