Top 5 Worst Fan Bases (unbiased)

This following blog will be completely unbiased. By worst, I mean the most jackasses and unreasonable fans.

5.) Boston Sports Fans – People who are Celtics, Patriots and Red Sox fans all in one are completely intolerable. They’ve never struggled for long enough even to know what struggling is like. They’ve basically been in every championship for my entire life. If Boston sports ever start to struggle you might as well assume that Boston is going to burn to the ground because no Boston fan will have ever experienced losing long term. I respect Boston Fans for how much pride they have, but god damn this is an annoying group of humans.

4.) New York Yankee Fans – Not much writing that needs to be said to prove they belong on this list. The picture below of these white trash gentlemen tells us all we need to know about this fanbase.

3.) SEC Football Fans – NOW THESE FUCKING LUNATICS. SEC fans are a special breed of humans. They’re the only fanbase in the world that will defend a rival just because they’re playing someone from a different conference. INSANE. The craziest part is minus Alabama and Georgia, the rest of the SEC loses to any good team they ever play. The fact that anyone cares enough about a CONFERENCE enough to defend it at all costs is just mind-boggling.

2.) Ohio State Fans – THE Ohio State fans. THE pro-women beaters. THE fans who thought Ohio State was going to make the playoffs after losing to Purdue by 29. THE fans who think Ryan Day is going to be as good of a recruiter as a coach who has won 3 National Titles. THE fans who thought JT Barett was a good quarterback. THE fans who call Ohio State DBU but they can’t defend a pass to save their life. Okay, I’m done.

1.) BRONsexuals – This group is unique. I have zero respect for this fanbase, let’s make that clear. ZERO. The worst part is that number 2 on this list directly ties into number 1 because LeBron said that he would have gone to Ohio State??? We don’t really believe that he wasn’t going to go to Duke, right? He said he wants his son to go to Duke, but he was going to go to Ohio State. Get real. But that’s what is so special about this group; they act completely stupid when it comes to arguing anything about LeBron. NBA fans like myself can’t even enjoy LeBron’s play because all his fans shove it down your throat. He’s a good player but his fans fucking suck. The moment I knew that the BRONsexuals became a problem is when people were defending his “crab dribble,” a blatant travel. If you are going to defend fake basketball moves for a guy, then you will do anything for him. Congrats to the BRONsexuals for getting first for once and they won’t even have to explain why they’re best because I ranked them number 1.


All angry readers, please remember that this was made with an unbiased opinion.


Are we sure?

Alright someone has to be fucking with me. PAU GASOL IS 38th ON THE ALL-TIME NBA SCORING LIST. 38th!!! I know Pau Gasol was a very talented basketball player and has been in the league forever, but holy shit 38th was way higher than I would have guessed. WAY HIGHER. Not even an insult but if you told me to guess I wouldn’t have been anywhere near 38. Maybe would have guessed in the 90s, most likely somewhere in the 100s just for reference for players near Pau Gasol: David Robinson(39th), Larry Bird(33rd), John Stockton(45th), Scottie Pippen(57th). You get the point he’s in good company being 38th. I like to consider myself very knowledgeable when it comes to the NBA, but this even stumped me. I went and searched his name into google to make sure I was thinking of the right player. He only averaged over 20ppg in 2 of his seasons out of 18 so far. Pau Gasol is arguably the most consistent player of all time. 

Is Pau Gasol a Hall of Famer?  I would like to believe so with him being a 6x All-Star, 4x All-NBA and a 2x Champ but Pau Gasol seems like one of those guys you just forget about. I will now fight for Pau Gasol to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, I never saw myself fighting this battle but holy shit, 38th! 

(On the ABA + NBA all-time scoring list Gasol is 43rd, still crazy.) 

(Also how the fuck is Joe Johnson 42nd?)

My Thoughts on Today (12/2/18)

College Football

  1. The CFP Committee got it right putting Oklahoma in at 4
  2. The CFP should be expanded to 8 teams next year (That way the “defending national champion” Knights can finally get a shot and because there are too good of teams left outside the top 4 (Georgia and Ohio State) that don’t get a shot when they all are deserving of one)
  3. I will absolutely be rooting for Notre Dame in the Playoff but another Alabama-Clemson title game matchup is likely
  4. My Heisman favorite is Kyler Murray of Oklahoma


  1. The Packers stink (McCarthy getting fired might be a stretch)
  2. The Bengals stink (Marvin Lewis should be fired yesterday)
  3. The Falcons stink
  4. Minnesota is overrated
  5. The Colts don’t know what a QB sneak is
  6. Phillip Rivers should be in the MVP conversation
  7. Brees is my favorite right now then Mahomes and Goff