The bloody Irish have finished an undefeated regular season. 12-0. Perfect. The last time that happened they were slaughtered in the national championship game to Alabama 42-14 in 2012. Bama was loaded with AJ McCarron (and his girlfriend), a non-fat Eddie Lacy and Amari Cooper, who ND had no answer for. But that was then. This is now. Notre Dame should stay at 3 in the college football playoff. I expect Alabama to win the SEC against Georgia and Clemson to defeat Pittsburgh in the ACC Championship next weekend. But God forbid anything besides that happens because then we’d have a big ole dump in the committee’s ice cream trying to figure out the final four. We also can’t forget about Oklahoma and evil Ohio State. Ohio State will beat Northwestern and anything can happen between Texas and Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship game. I think win or lose Alabama will be in the final four and if Georgia were to win they’d be the fourth team to complete the playoff. If Clemson wins obviously they’re in, but if they lost to Pittsburgh…we’ll just have to see what the committee does.

Worst case scenario: Alabama loses, Clemson loses, Oklahoma wins and Ohio State wins. Now you have five 1 loss teams to maneuver around somehow and an uNDefeated Notre Dame team. Would they be the number 1 seed if that scenario were to occur? *big eyes emoji*. My prediction if that were to happen: Notre Dame is 1, Georgia is 2, Clemson is 3 and Alabam is 4. Georgia is 2 because they beat Bama, Clemson is 3 because their wins are too impressive. Alabama is 4 because the committee wouldn’t want them and Georgia to play against each other in back-to-back games. Oklahoma doesn’t make it because their defense is garbage and they only have 1 win against a ranked team. Ohio State doesn’t make it because of their loss to Purdue and some of their wins against bad Big 10 teams have been too close (Nebraska, Maryland). I don’t expect this scenario to happen though *phew*.

Best case scenario: Alabama wins (because they will) and stays at 1, Clemson wins (because they will) and stays at 2, Notre Dame stays at 3, Oklahoma loses to Texas and Ohio State (even though they are evil) beats Northwestern and moves into the final spot at number 4. Why is this best case scenario? Because I think Ohio State has the best chance of beating Alabama when they play in the semifinal. Oklahoma is good, but defense doesn’t exist in the Big 12 and that won’t work well against Alabama. Notre Dame’s best shot at the title is an Ohio State win over Bama and an interesting matchup with Clemson that I believe they can win. But just like in 2012, their chances against Alabama, if they were to meet up, are like the Colts chances against Tom Brady and the Patriots.

Go Irish! #uNDefeated


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