My Actual Thoughts On This Here Le’Veon Bell Guy

Le’Veon is at it again commenting on Colts related pictures on Instagram. Either this guy is obsessed with Luck, or he’s really trying to drop some hints about wanting to join the horseshoe.

Originally I had said that the Colts shouldn’t pursue Bell during this upcoming offseason because of a probable hefty price tag and because of the success the Colts are having with their current run game. Mack and Hines have been good. The offensive line has been marvelous. The offense as a whole has really come together for this second half of the season. Why would we need to change anything up by trying to add Bell to the team?

Like I said, originally I didn’t think it was necessary, but maybe, just maybe, I’ve had my mind changed. Why would it help? Well, the Colts for one will have a ton of cap space for next year, if not the greatest amount of any team and Bell is still arguably a top 5 running back in the league, considering he doesn’t miss a beat after sitting out this year. The Colts right now aren’t a team of stars. In fact, our stars right now aside from Luck are of course T.Y. Hilton and two amazing rookies in Quenton Nelson and Darius Leonard. The way this Colts team looks with Luck and all these average players around him is really something to talk about. Currently on a 5 game win streak with basically no superstars other than Luck.

I honestly expect the Colts to make the playoffs but with a potential addition of Bell, I can see a deep run in the playoffs next year. Don’t get me wrong I love Mack and Hines in the backfield, but how more complete will the Colts be if they get a terrific back in Bell next year. And with all the cap space we have, I say take a chance at him, because right now I see a fairly complete playoff team full of young talent on both sides of the ball. There’d be nothing wrong with making a hard push for Bell during the next offseason.


October 21, 2006. The Day I Fell in Love

Ladies relax, your boy is still single.

October 21, 2006: The day I fell in love with Notre Dame football.

So a little back story, I’ve been a Notre Dame fan since the day I was born, and that’s not even in the discussion. I’ve watched over 80% of the games since I was 7 or 8 probably. When I was a young kid, yeah maybe I only watched some of the game or didn’t watch at all, but since I was 11-12, I’ve rarely missed a game. Do I remember the players when I was 7? Very few. ( Brady Quinn, Anthony Fasano) But I did watch the games because Notre Dame football was born into my blood without any connection in the world. The generic looking jerseys, the gold helmets, the hype, all of it. I couldn’t get enough of this team and still can’t to this day. I’m pretty much convinced my cause of death will be a heart attack during a Notre Dame game, and there isn’t a way I’d rather go out. (Obviously, give me 50 more years or so) All of my love for Notre Dame football comes straight from my dad. When I saw my dad react to the moment Matt Leinart fumbled the ball out of bounds and how pissed he instantly became after the Bush push, I knew then there wasn’t another route for me but to just fully accept Notre Dame football.

Back to October 21, 2006: My dad was given free tickets to go see Notre Dame vs. UCLA. I’ve been watching this team on TV for years now, so this is just a dream come true for the 10-year-old stud of myself. I didn’t know when going to this game that Notre Dame had the most beautiful campus that I’ve still ever seen to this day. I knew about touchdown Jesus and the Golden Dome and all that, I didn’t realize how spectacular these buildings were going to look. 10-year-old me is blown away by how a place can just be so much nicer than anywhere else I’ve ever been. Notre Dame is beautiful, you get it. Getting into my seats in Notre Dame stadium is something I will never forget. Seeing Brady Quinn, Jeff Samardzija, and Tom Zbikowski warming up was me basically seeing my heroes on the field for the first time. Eyeing down the smokeshow UCLA cheerleaders in front of me was clearly a plus, sup ladies. I remember very little from the game because it wasn’t like a high scoring game or anything crazy, just a pretty basic game. But the one thing I do remember, it was the 4th quarter it feels like Notre Dame is going to lose 17-13. Quinn hikes the ball with 40 seconds left, UCLA zero pressure Quinn steps up and throws a strike to Samardzija. And the rest is history, I remember that play like it happened yesterday. The moment Samardzija scored is the exact moment that I fell in love with Notre Dame football.

With Notre Dame 12-0 and going to their first playoff, it felt like a good time to let everyone know when my love for this team started. Notre Dame football needed this playoff berth for the sake of tradition. No matter how low or how high Notre Dame goes my fandom of Notre Dame football will never change.


The bloody Irish have finished an undefeated regular season. 12-0. Perfect. The last time that happened they were slaughtered in the national championship game to Alabama 42-14 in 2012. Bama was loaded with AJ McCarron (and his girlfriend), a non-fat Eddie Lacy and Amari Cooper, who ND had no answer for. But that was then. This is now. Notre Dame should stay at 3 in the college football playoff. I expect Alabama to win the SEC against Georgia and Clemson to defeat Pittsburgh in the ACC Championship next weekend. But God forbid anything besides that happens because then we’d have a big ole dump in the committee’s ice cream trying to figure out the final four. We also can’t forget about Oklahoma and evil Ohio State. Ohio State will beat Northwestern and anything can happen between Texas and Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship game. I think win or lose Alabama will be in the final four and if Georgia were to win they’d be the fourth team to complete the playoff. If Clemson wins obviously they’re in, but if they lost to Pittsburgh…we’ll just have to see what the committee does.

Worst case scenario: Alabama loses, Clemson loses, Oklahoma wins and Ohio State wins. Now you have five 1 loss teams to maneuver around somehow and an uNDefeated Notre Dame team. Would they be the number 1 seed if that scenario were to occur? *big eyes emoji*. My prediction if that were to happen: Notre Dame is 1, Georgia is 2, Clemson is 3 and Alabam is 4. Georgia is 2 because they beat Bama, Clemson is 3 because their wins are too impressive. Alabama is 4 because the committee wouldn’t want them and Georgia to play against each other in back-to-back games. Oklahoma doesn’t make it because their defense is garbage and they only have 1 win against a ranked team. Ohio State doesn’t make it because of their loss to Purdue and some of their wins against bad Big 10 teams have been too close (Nebraska, Maryland). I don’t expect this scenario to happen though *phew*.

Best case scenario: Alabama wins (because they will) and stays at 1, Clemson wins (because they will) and stays at 2, Notre Dame stays at 3, Oklahoma loses to Texas and Ohio State (even though they are evil) beats Northwestern and moves into the final spot at number 4. Why is this best case scenario? Because I think Ohio State has the best chance of beating Alabama when they play in the semifinal. Oklahoma is good, but defense doesn’t exist in the Big 12 and that won’t work well against Alabama. Notre Dame’s best shot at the title is an Ohio State win over Bama and an interesting matchup with Clemson that I believe they can win. But just like in 2012, their chances against Alabama, if they were to meet up, are like the Colts chances against Tom Brady and the Patriots.

Go Irish! #uNDefeated


I wanted to make the title “The Biggest Group of Pussies to ever be on TV,” but I’m going to be the bigger man and not do that. Courageous by me, I know. But what the fuck did I watch yesterday? These 4 guys (subtract Rece Davis) are HORRIBLE. They literally sat and took shots at ND for 5 minutes and then so no one would be mad they all went around and said 3 nice things, THAT’S HORRIBLE ENTERTAINMENT. If you think Michigan is better than Notre Dame, then tell me the fuck why. Quit just saying “They seem to be playing better,” what is that? I watched this crew tell me ND is worse than Michigan because they are just worse than Michigan. GROW THE FUCK UP HERBSTREIT. Let me remind you that ND and Michigan played 10 weeks ago, and Notre Dame won 24-17 but I respect takes, I do not respect half ass takes. At one point they explained that Notre Dame shouldn’t make the playoffs if Bama loses to Georgia (which is bananas). Then they continued to say that Notre Dame doesn’t have flaws, what? I don’t want to not like these guys but my god they make it hard. Choose a stance and roll with it, your stance shouldn’t change within 35 seconds. Everyone isn’t going to agree with what you have to say so quit trying to stand on the fence so that no one calls you out for your dumbshit. I promise even if I don’t agree with your takes, if you just choose a stance and only defend that stance then this will be 1000% better. This show could be great if you didn’t care that people were going to get mad but clearly, that’s not the case right now. I want this show to work so that I have something to do on Tuesday’s so I’m just trying to help. At one time, I respected all these guys takes but right now that is impossible since they don’t have real takes.  I am going to give this show one more chance next week, but if they just jump back and forth between their takes, then I will know that it is officially the shittest sports show ever put on TV.

Go Irish.

The Gosh Dang Colts Mid-Season Report

The gosh dang Colts. I love the gosh dang Colts. Coulda woulda shoulda won at least 4 of the 5 games they lost, but things are looking up after winning their last 3. Andrew Luck is the Andrew Luck we hope for, the young defense led by Darius Leonard (R.O.Y) is playing well and gosh dang Quenton Nelson is a chicken with his head cut off. I don’t know what has gotten into this offensive line this year thus far but Luck owes them all a very nice Christmas gift. NO SACKS allowed in the last 4 games! Last year we were putting bets on how many times Luck would get sacked. This offensive play is huge and the key to more games won in my opinion. If Luck is protected then he will make the play and he has these past 4 games. And for once in a lifetime the Colts aren’t using a different starting 5 on the front line every week. And what else does a good offensive line do for you, well gosh dangit we finally have a run game. Mack and Hines are finding holes. And no we don’t need to go after a selfish Le’Veon Bell in the offseason (unless the $ is right…which it won’t be). You can try to convince me otherwise but if we do pick him up we’d be wasting a lot with Mack, Hines, and Wilkins, and the addition could take a lot away from continuing to improve the defense, but I digress.

Let’s not forget about these tight ends either. Eric Ebron leads the NFL in TE touchdowns. Jack Doyle has a wonderful name and a wonderful neckbeard like Luck. Mo Alie-Cox comes out of nowhere but looks good. So yeah, best tight end group in the NFL *shoulder shrug*.

Like I said, things are looking up. The Colts arguably have the weakest schedule in the league to finish the season and if this play continues then gosh dangit we’re in the playoffs! PLAYOFFS? You kidding me? Playoffs? We have key division games still left and some pesky average teams just like us to play. The Titans are average but it’s winnable. The Dolphins are average but Brock Osweiler is QB so you tell me. The Texans are good so that’s a toss-up. The Cowboys are bipolar and the Giants stink. We must keep this up though or else we could lose every single one of those games because every single one of those teams is trying to do exactly what we are and that is make the playoffs. PLAYOFFS?

For once I am anticipating NFL Sunday more than I have the past couple of years. This Colts team can turn some heads for this last part of the season. I should also remind you all out there that ESPN had the Colts last in their power rankings before regular season game 1.

My First LeBron-hating Post (and first post in general)

I won’t talk about the NBA or anything related to it much but now I will occasionally chime in on 421 and talk about the most glorious and wonderful human being that roams this earth today. No, I’m not talking about Ryan Gosling or Chris Pratt. I’m referring to the media’s golden boy LeBron James.

Ever since he came out of high school it was LeBron James this, LeBron James that. NBA season means it’s time to talk about LeBron 78% of the time, the Warriors 21% of the time and the other 1% goes to why Draymond Green got another technical foul or overhyping Ben Simmons. The MLB postseason could be going on and for failing ESPN that’s not good enough to talk about over their beloved LeBron James.

So, why do I wrote this article? Honestly, because I can’t stand LeBron and how much coverage he gets, but also because him going to L.A. was the best move he’s ever made.

When LeBron played for Cleveland and Miami, it was nonstop coverage on the east coast, from the morning till after his games. And I know exactly why he gets all that attention. He brings in views, kids love him and he’s the greatest player of all time. Yes, I know. Even though my dislike for him is strong, I believe if not now but once he’s retired, he’ll be considered the greatest basketball player of all time. “Don’t hate his game, hate the player”, that’s what they say right? Anyways, the east coast basically revolved around him. Now that he’s on the west coast all of his games won’t start until 10 pm eastern time. And if I’m up at 10 o’clock watching a game on T.V., it will not be a bum of a Laker game. I will be doing homework or watching some late night MACtion or The Office…again.

Like I already said, LeBron is the greatest player in the game right now and not to mention his work in his community is amazing as well. That’s how every professional athlete should be. Ones who give back and if anyone should be doing it, it should be LeBron. So don’t get me wrong, LeBron is a great player and you gotta respect his work (when he’s not complaining to referees), but it’s nice to see a lot more time from these major sports networks being put into other teams like the Pacers for example who are an exciting bunch to watch, play team basketball, and deserve more national T.V. slots.


Are the Pacers in the Worst Position of any NBA Team?

Here’s my argument: Yes, they have Victor Oladipo which a lot of teams would love to have. They also have a Center under the name Myles Turner who has been terrible this season and is under contract this year and 4 more. Mediocre isn’t fun, and the Pacers are stuck at mediocre, and they dug themselves into a bigger hole with the Turner extension. I understood why they wanted to lock down Turner for 4 more years. What I didn’t understand is how no one who watches these guys practice noticed that Sabonis is twice the player that Turner is. I like Myles Turner, this isn’t his fault. He got his payday, and he ran with it. The Pacers should have evaluated this situation a lot better than they did. I’m not even saying that Turner isn’t worth resigning, but it would have been better to see if the guy that you’re giving an extension too has improved any before you start throwing 70Mil around. Yes, I understand extensions have to be done before the season begins. It would have been better to try and outbid for Turner, in the offseason, rather than give him a payday when he hasn’t proven anything. Now, why this puts the Pacers in such a bad position? You can’t pay your starting Center and your backup Center they same amount of money and plan to compete at a high level. If the Pacers don’t resign Sabonis, they’re idiots to start with. Now you have a locked down future of a Shooting Guard and two Centers who can’t all three exist on the court together. The biggest problem with this is that the Pacers will never suck, so the draft is basically worthless unless a miracle happens. At worst the Pacers are drafting 12-14, which most of the time isn’t going to be a guy that changes the culture of the team or anything. I’m arguably a genius, and I don’t even know how the Pacers can dig themselves out of this hole. I guess we can try to spin mediocre into fun.

Just so everyone knows, I was on the right side of history before this season even tipped off.




Brandon WINbush is going to be fine.

You’ve heard the news, Ian Book will not play against Florida St this weekend according to multiple sources. What that means for the Irish as they try to continue their perfect season? That Brandon WINbush is going to have to win them a game one more time. I feel 100% fine about it. 100% fine. WINbush is 12-3 as a starter for Notre Dame, and it’s going to be 13-3 after his win on senior day against Florida St. Brian Kelly once stated that at some point they would need WINbush and Saturdays the day. Let’s not forget that Brandon has the best win out of any quarterback in the ENTIRE country. Even though it won’t come to this point, but if he struggles early Phil will be coming in to save the day. Brian Kelly isn’t going to let Notre Dame’s perfect season end just so that his backup quarterback’s feelings aren’t hurt. Brandon WINbush will have an excellent senior day as the Irish win, and we will see Book at Yankee Stadium against Syracuse.