Nah, I’m kidding; I don’t want Bama yet. Alabama is on their own tier this year compared to every other team. That doesn’t mean they’re going to be healthy when the year ends. It’ll take a miracle for them not to be healthy knowing that they only play the starters for a max 2 quarters every game, but you can only hope for the best. (Just kidding, they’re just kids. I wouldn’t wish something like that on my worst enemy.) Enough Bama talk, on to what matters. NOTRE DAME FOOTBALL. WAKE UP THE FUCKING ECHOS. IAN BOOK IS THE REAL DEAL. Ian Book after 3 games has 874 passing yards and has 11 total touchdowns. Knocking off 2 ranked opponents. Is Dexter Williams the best running back in college football? Some people are saying it. I’ve never seen Notre Dame play as good as they have these past 3 games and that’s considering the 2012 season. Yes, the 2012 defense was better statistically, but they didn’t have the 11 deep that this team has. The 2012 Irish didn’t have a cornerback on the team worth mentioning, some MAY even have me blocked on Twitter because of some choice words. This team has multiple good talents at every single position on both sides of the ball. Alex Bars, Notre Dame’s best offensive player the first 5 weeks of the season, suffers an injury causing him to go out for the season and Dexter still runs for 178 runs and 3 TDS. I’m not saying Trevor Ruhland is as good as Alex Bars or anything like that, what I’m saying is this team has a motive that I’ve never seen in my 22 years of life. Brian Kelly is even relaxed for the first time ever. This blog is completely all over the place because this isn’t an Irish team like I’ve ever seen before. Being projected by at least 66.6% of the remaining half of games is something I’ve never seen. They could possibly even be double-digit favorites in every remaining game. Even with how much I love Brandon Wimbush, this never happens without Book. I’m not even saying we wouldn’t be undefeated with Wimbush, we wouldn’t dominate like they have been. Ian completely opens up the offense. Way before the season started I wanted Ian Book to start. After the spring game, I wanted Ian Book. I let the dumbass media people convince me that Wimbush should start and I thought to myself that they have seen more than I can so I believed them. They were wrong. Sometimes you have to trust your gut when you understand Notre Dame football more than anyone alive. In the medias defense, I thought he would average 200 yards a game, not 300 yards a game. I didn’t think he would complete 70% plus of his passes, I felt more around 60%. Ian Book has been incredible for 3 weeks now, and it’s here to stay, and I’m here for it.