We Survived. (Notre Dame Week 2 Recap)

Alright, Notre Dame beat Ball State 24-16. Let’s spin this.

It was clear after the first drive Notre Dame thought Ball State would fold over and just let it be easy. This wasn’t the case. Ball State came into this game motivated, and they played well against the Irish. Notre Dame’s defense is clearly elite, I think we can all admit that. Te’von Coney is the best linebacker Notre Dame has had since Jaylon Smith, and I’m not accepting another answer. DLine didn’t look like they played great based on stats but Riley Neal is extremely mobile, and from what I saw, he’s hard to bring down. The DLine didn’t play fantastic by any means, but they did force Neal to get out of the pocket and make tougher throws than he would have liked. Resulting in Jalen Elliott getting two INTS. Now, we all seen how the defense has played for 2 weeks now, so I’m not going to sit and bore you on that. The main topic of this blog is Brandon Wimbush.

BRANDON WIMBUSH IS FINE. BRANDON WIMBUSH IS FINE. BRANDON WIMBUSH IS FINE. BRANDON WIMBUSH IS FINE. BRANDON WIMBUSH IS FINE. BRANDON WIMBUSH IS FINE. BRANDON WIMBUSH IS FINE. BRANDON WIMBUSH IS FINE. BRANDON WIMBUSH IS FINE. Wimbush is fine. Yes, he did throw 3 INTS, but it happens. The second interception wasn’t his fault, and you can make an argument that the first one wasn’t his fault. Would we be discussing this if he threw one interception and still had 297 yards and completed 54% of his passes? No, so we need to relax. Yes, he missed on a few passes that he shouldn’t miss on but guess what? We don’t have Baker Mayfield, we have Brandon Wimbush. Chip Long didn’t allow Brandon Wimbush to run the ball. I don’t care what the press conference said, they told him not to run and work on throwing the ball as much as he can. (A blind person could have seen that) Wimbush is made to run the ball 10-15 times a game and throw the ball 22-28 times a game. He threw the ball 31 times and had 3-4 designed runs, why? We were playing Ball State that’s why. Brandon is fine, and he’s going to be fine. He played good against Michigan and struggled at times Saturday. Wimbush is our best option to win big games. That’s why you make him work on throwing against Ball State so that you have film on him doing certain things that he can improve on and so that you see what can be added to the playbook. I can’t be the only one with a working brain that is a Notre Dame fan. We knew coming into the season he would struggle at times. HE STRUGGLED AGAINST BALL STATE, THAT’S A BLESSING FOR THE IRISH. If he struggles like this against any big-time opponent, Ian Book will come in. Brandon Wimbush is 11-3 (counting LSU) in games he starts in, and Notre Dame fans think he can’t play. FUCKING INSANE. Most Notre Dame fans don’t understand that if Ian Book comes in the size of the receivers is wasted because he struggles to throw the ball down the field. Book is a good football player, but he isn’t made to throw the ball down the field, AT ALL. Brandon taking shots down the field with Boykin and Claypool is the best way to actually not waste their size. Sometimes throwing the ball down the field will result in 50/50 balls and Ball State won a 50/50 ball Saturday and that’s not the last time it’ll happen this season. If you want to complain about the offense complain about the actual problems, the OLine. They didn’t play great against Michigan which was expected knowing Michigan’s front 7. Weirdly, they performed worse against Ball State then they did against Michigan, and that doesn’t make any sense. I don’t have much to say about the offensive line, but if they want to talk about winning the Joe Moore, then they need to play like they give a fuck.


Side Story from the game: If the women that sat behind me and to the right is reading this, next game please just SHUT UP. This lady is lucky she brought her little kid with her because that was a shield from me explaining to her that she doesn’t understand a fucking thing about football. Every single incomplete pass she would say out loud ” We want Ian Book,”┬áNo bitch you want Ian Book, keep it to yourself the rest of us want to win this fucking game. Side note for all the ladies coming from the ladies man himself, if you don’t understand sports, it isn’t even slightly attractive if you yell in my ear about how much you think you know about sports. (She was yelling this stuff during the first quarter.)


Rashan Gary Overrated. (Notre Dame Week 1 Recap)

Rashan Gary is the most overhyped player in college football history. Yeah, he has the perfect build for the NFL defensive end, but he lacks the most important thing. Skill. 4 tackles? 0.5 TFL? 0 sacks? Does Michigan and the football analysts not realize that Chase Winovich is twice the player that Rashan Gary will ever be? (6 tackles, 3.5 TFL, and 1 sack) What about Devin Bush? I can’t believe I convinced myself going into that game that Rashan Gary was going to make a difference. Shame on me, shame on me. Michigan has a good chance of losing 5 games again. Offense stinks. Patterson is NOT the savior of shit. Jim Harbaugh worst play-caller in the Big 10. OLine complete trash. (that being said, I really like ND’s DLine) Defense overall is a very good defense but their offense isn’t going to do them any favors. Good Luck Michigan. (Beat Ohio St. because fuck Ohio St.)

The main focus of this blog, Notre Dame completely dominated. They were 2 special teams mistakes from this being 24-0. Brandon Wimbush and the defense kept the Michigan fans quiet after the very first drive all the way until the game ended. (Side Note: Michigan fan in front of me basically cried for 4 straight hours, embarrassing.) Khalid Kareem made Michigan’s OLine look like they didn’t even play high school football. (9 tackles, 2.5 TFL, and 2 sacks.) Have you ever seen a baby horse trying to walk immediately after birth? That’s how Michigan’s OLine looked. The Irish gave Notre Dame fans flashbacks from 2012, THAT’S HOW GOOD THEY WERE. Te’von Coney, Aholi Gilman, Jerry Tillery, Julian Okwara, Daelin Hayes, Julian Love, Troy Pride, Jalen Elliott, Drue Tranquill. INJECT IT STRAIGHT INTO MY VEINS. On the offensive side of the ball, Receivers played good. (DID YOU SEE FINKES CATCH???) Wimbush ran the ball very well for who they were playing. The rest of the run game is tough to judge strictly because of how talented Michigan’s front 7 is. The offense was bland in the second half after Don Brown made adjustments. I can live with only 3 in the second half if Don Brown is the defensive coordinator. He made adjustments, and they worked. That’s fine because Chip Long took advantage before Don Brown had a chance to change anything. Chip Long may have called the best game I’ve seen in the Brian Kelly era. That’s saying something. One last compliment for my boys. Clark Lea, if that’s the first game you’ve ever called I can’t wait to see the future. Nice fucking job Clark.

Brian Kelly, love you bro.