What Does Tyreke Evans Mean for the Pacers?


A LOT. Not only can you make the argument that he is the most prominent free agent the Pacers have ever signed, but he gets buckets. The Pacers biggest problem last season was when Oladipo couldn’t get his shots no one could. The Pacers were a team with one superstar and a ton of role players. Don’t get me wrong, you need role players to have a good basketball team, but in this league, you need at LEAST two bucket getters. Tyreke is coming off arguably his best season yet, where he averaged 19.4ppg 5.2apg 5.1rpg and 1.1spg. Tyreke also shot 39% from 3, which is excellent for Tyreke. Tyreke Evans can play basketball, and that’s a fact.

What Tyreke does for the Pacers more than anything, is he actually provides late-game lineups that can succeed. In his career, he has played 3 different positions (1-3), which is enormous for a Pacers team full of role players. Tyreke now provides the Pacers flexibility where they can play the hot hands instead of being stuck with the same lineup no matter the circumstances.  I personally believe that if Tyreke can stay healthy and plays a majority of the games, then he helps the Pacers add between 5-7 wins just by himself. Now a different story, but if Myles Turner and/or Sabonis or even both finally figures it out, then we could be looking at 10 more wins than last season. I have EXTREMELY HIGH hopes for Tyreke Evans on this Pacers team. BRING ON THE 76ERS, that’s the last thing I’m saying.



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