Bristol Boy the Treat of the Century

Man, you can’t teach this friendship that I just built with one of the dumbest humans I’ve ever come across. This kid is just a treat. He’s so damn lovable because he’s just a big dumbo. He is also the greatest Celtics fan of all time.


This kid believes the Celtics should be the favorite to win the 2019 NBA Finals. I love a die-hard fan, but this kid is just excellent. Not entirely sure he is a kid, but based on his points and maturity I’d say he’s 11. Bristol boy paid for a house because of the NBA playoffs, that’s a dogshit lie, but you have to respect the fact that he thought I was going to believe that. I can’t say it enough; this man is so stupid that I love him and am offering a freelancing writing job to him. If Bristol Boy doesn’t come onto the podcast, I am going to be thoroughly disappointed, mostly because he said he would turn my 40 followers into 40,000 and undoubtedly that would be a blessing. Plus that makes him a “twitter thumb bitch.” The only problem with that is he only has 49 followers, so I am not sure how that works. I can’t get over this kids points; they’re just crazy ridiculous that they’re even convincing me. I respect an insane theory; I once said that I thought Korver’s contract was terrible because his jump shot seems like it would be harder the older he gets because he doesn’t have an extremely quick release like the other older shooters who extended their careers. (Shoutout Millennium Sports) I mean you can say that’s insane, but he hasn’t been as good since that contract happened. I am pretty sure that this man is older than me.  He brought up Shaq beating the Pacers instead of saying Kobe like someone my age or younger would do, but again maybe he loves the NBA and can’t wrap his head around that it would take a miracle for the Celtics to win the NBA Finals. I love me some Bristol Boy. They don’t make em like Bristol boy anymore. Bristol boy contact me so we can get you on the podcast ASAP.


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