Indy Lost Apart of it’s Heart Today

I’m crying writing this, and you’re crying reading this. This doesn’t seem like reality, and I really want to wake up from this terrible nightmare. The Indiana Pacers have declined Lance Stephenson’s 4.3 million dollar contract. That is not a typo, they literally kicked the heart of Indy out of town, for most likely the final time, for 4.3 million. Lance was everything Indy ever hoped for. Declining Lance’s team option is equal to the Cavs trading LeBron for Pau Gasol. (no exaggeration) Just so everyone in Indy is aware including Kevin Pritchard, THE INDIANA PACERS WILL NOT WIN THE 2019 NBA FINALS. 0% chance we win the 2019 NBA Finals. One last time for the people in the back, THE INDIANA PACERS WILL NOT WIN THE 2019 NBA Finals. After the Pacers spread this money out between Tyreke Evans and Will Barton their chances of winning the Finals are still 0%. This is a prime example for a time where you lose with your guys instead of someone else. I would FOREVER rather lose in the 2nd round of the playoffs with Lance then with Will Barton. Lance is Indys guy. Indy loves Lance. Lance loves Indy. Do we not remember when this man blew in LeBron’s ear? What about when he threw the T-shirt off of the security guards head? My god, if you even believe that I am holding back the tears right now, then you’re just a psycho. Indianapolis = Lance Stephenson. What do I have to do Pritchard/Herb Simon, start a GoFund me? We are getting rid of players that Pacer fans love to watch when we know for 100% certainty that we are not going to win the NBA Finals. Losing in the Semi-Finals of the NBA playoffs don’t hold value. Anyone reading understands my point that this is just flat out stupid. The last thing to wrap this up, if the Pacers go through all of the free agency and they still have $4.4 million left then I promise to find where Pritchard lives and stand outside his house with signs, in regards to Lance’s player option being declined, until Pritchard acknowledges me or I am arrested. Anyone is welcome to join. #PuckFritchard


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