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Month: April 2018

Episode 7 – Breakdown of “The 100” Season 5 Expectations

Special Guest Bryce Spegal and I break down everything up to this point of “The 100”. We talk about our likes and dislikes of the previous 4 seasons. We also give our expectations for season 5. Advertisements


Episode 5 Breakdown of “The Push” Special Guests – Jordyn Hatfield & Reid

Breakdown of our thoughts on “The Push” Netflix Original. The stupidest trait girls ask for. Grades of my guest hosts (Jordyn Hatfield & Reid). A new segment to end it, 3 mean things about Ryan that probably aren’t true to Read More

Top 20 Most Dominant Athletes of the Last 20 Years. (Since ESPN Can’t Do It)

Someone with a working brain has to make this list because ESPN completely fucked it up. They weren’t even close. They literally didn’t even have the most dominant athlete of the last 20 years on their list. HOW? It is clear Read More

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