Kawhi Leonard is Never Playing for the Spurs Again.

I don’t think Kawhi Leonard is as hurt as the Spurs are making it seem. About a month ago it was reported by tons of sources that Kawhi Leonard and the Spurs were having “relationship troubles”. I will be more surprised if Kawhi Leonard isn’t traded during this NBA offseason then if he plays for the Spurs again. If Kawhi wants out the door he isn’t going to play and risk hurting himself more. The day he is supposed to play is now pushed to possibly not this season. It has moved like every week this whole season. Everyone has waited to get the normal Spurs back but Kawhi is nowhere to be found. He also hasn’t made progress to get back on the court, it doesn’t seem like. It will be sad to see Kawhi wear a different jersey besides the Spurs but it could also be good for the league because I don’t see the Spurs going anywhere. The Spurs aren’t going to win another championship without him in the near future but there are plenty of teams that aren’t going to win a championship in my lifetime and the Spurs already have five times. I am kinda sad thinking about Kawhi, not on the Spurs come crunch time in the playoffs. It has been fun and entertaining and as a non-Spurs fan that is about all, I could ask. I haven’t looked at contracts or anything like that but my honest prediction on where he goes is – to the Suns for their top 5 pick for the 2018 draft and TJ Warren. Maybe also throw in some garbage like Dragan Bender to make it work. I think what the Spurs get for Kawhi won’t seem as high as it needs to be but will work out because Popovich makes it work.


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