Adam Rippon is Annoying. Bottom Line.

Let’s get a few things out before we start. First, he is more talented than I will ever be at anything and I will 100% own that. Second, I have nothing against him being gay. One of the closest people to me in this whole world is gay. I have nothing wrong with that. That has zero to do with me thinking he is annoying. Every time I watch a video of this man I just cringe because it’s so annoying. Everyone was saying how he connected with people because he related with everyone. Athletes never come out during an interview and start talking about drugs and alcohol. I have the full respect that he did this, but I more or less think that is so far from relatable because no one does that. And let us get something straight, I have had my fair share of doing dumbass shit, so I am not talking like I am an angel but I don’t publically announce it. Random people, they interview on the news who are clear druggies don’t even say stuff like that. The video that NBC Olympics Twitter account posted of him finishing the sentences, I was embarrassed for him. He should have to pay my dental bills because half of my teeth are dull now from cringing after every answer. Some of my favorite writers love this guy and I am just out. I will forever root for him in the rink because he is representing The United States of America but it stops there. I think he is just shooting for attention at this point and we are just feeding the fire. If LeBron James came out and said he needed a Xanax after a game, the world would LOSE THEIR SHIT. “what about the kids LeBron” “Drugs are bad LeBron” LeBron isn’t GOAT because he does Xanax”. But for some reason some cheesy figure skater says it and we are all in. I don’t know. He is just annoying.

Congrats on your medal and thank you for the medal for our country. You represented the United States well.

P.S – He is a good looking dude though, we aren’t going to ignore that at all.


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