When We First Met (Review)

When we first met a Netflix Original. Very solid movie. First things first Adam DeVine may be the most underrated actor in all of Hollywood. This dude is fucking hilarious and I don’t understand why he doesn’t get the respect he deserves. Adam DeVine is the only guy I think that could have nailed this role. This movie has a huge twist that I don’t think anyone predicted. They did a great job of hiding what actually happens but also keeping it right in front of your face. I respect that work. This movie is everything you need. Some good comedy, a good drama/romance. This may my favorite genre of movies and I didn’t fully realize it until after I finished this movie. Adam DeVine is hilarious in this movie basically¬†from start to finish. He plays the role perfectly of being sad but hilarious and it made me love this dude. I actually want a lot more Adam DeVine movies starting now. My official rating for When We First Met is a 8.3. I think this movie is very very good. Solid rating of 8.3/10.


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