The 100 Season 1 Review (RunBack)

This being a RunBack means I have already watched this before. I am running it back with one of my favorite shows that continues to go under the radar. The 100 Season 1 review. Season 1 of this show is one of the more intense first seasons of any show. They do a great job of making you understand who the characters are first thing. They portray people perfectly. They also waste no time killing off characters. They killed off 4 or 5 characters, that could have changed parts of the future show, first thing. The whole thing where they have more technology than ever before but when they get to the ground there is nothing is absolutely great. It really shows more of the fact that none of these people have experienced earth and it really gets its point across. Clarke (Eliza Taylor) does everything you want your leader to do in this season. She makes all of the tough decisions that no one else wants to make and she is ruthless and you always need that. Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) is the perfect side character to a show that could at any time be the main character for episodes on end. She is a very risky character. She is always doing opposite of what makes sense and it always plays out to her advantage. You need this kind of character to make a show work. Not to mention, but Marie Avgeropoulos is a fucking smoke show. Octavia is easily my biggest crush on a fictional character that I have ever had. Granted that I have already watched all 4 seasons so I know what she ends up being but WOW. Bellamy (Bob Morley) is the other leader of the group. Having a male and a female leader that doesn’t have a sexual relationship really helps this show. If they were involved in a relationship it would make the decisions of the show different. Bellamy is the kind of character that the first half of the season you completely fucking hate the dude but after the season goes on his true-self comes out and you really have to start enjoying the guy. Bellamy also could be dead because he was on the outside of the explosion so you don’t really know what happened to him. There was no further proof that Bellamy was alive. Lincoln (Ricky Whittle) is an actual grounder in this show. Lincoln is supposed to be on the other side of the fence but he is playing on the fence instead. He constantly helps out the kids instead of helping the grounders even though he is a grounder. He just doesn’t believe that what his group of people are doing is correct. So he acts the opposite of the rest. The last character worth noting for season 1 of The 100 is Finn (Thomas McDonell) Finn is caught between a love storm of two characters, Raven from the arc and Clarke the leader of the 100. He is also a character who always wants to do things the right way and he doesn’t actually like violence. He does a lot of the 100s dirty work. He doesn’t take orders he does what he has to do to make it work. Finn will play a big role in the near future. Finn also had to stay on the outside of the explosion with Bellamy so you can assume Finn could be dead. The show hasn’t been scared to kill off characters that is for sure. Other characters worth noting but I will cover them later in different seasons since I already know what is coming is Monty, Jasper, Raven, Abigail, Jaha, and Marcus. They all play a very significant role in season 1 but I feel like they play a bigger role down the street so I would rather talk about it then. If this wasn’t a RunBack I would cover all of them but since I know there is time I will save it. My official rating for season 1 of The 100 is a 8.6. Season 1 is excellent. This is a show where you waste your whole day watching and that’s what I want. Very high score but I believe that’s what it deserves. 8.6/10.


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