Underrated Story From the 2017-2018 College Football Season

Donald De La Haye… You remember the name? Probably not because of them fuckers called the NCAA. Donald De La Haye is the kicker from Central Florida who was making money off of YouTube and the NCAA got their dicks out and said no. They said that he wasn’t allowed to make money off of YouTube as a college athlete. Everyone reading is now confused why I am writing this story that broke so long ago. THIS KID PLAYED FOR CENTRAL FLORIDA. This kid missed out on a 13-0 season because of the country club called the NCAA didn’t respect that he worked harder than them. He literally didn’t get to celebrate a perfect season with his teammates because of the NCAA. I’m going to go as far to say anyone involved in trying to stop Donald from making YouTube videos should have their house burned down. The NCAA is praying that this doesn’t go viral because someone may literally burn down their houses. They ruined this kids life. The most enjoyable experience he would have ever had they stole it from him. What a bunch of cock suckers. I truly feel awful for Donald. The fact that I haven’t seen this story yet is wild. The fucking NCAA wins again. What a disgusting group of humans to ruin this young man’s enjoyment. All because he refused to give them the money he has already worked so hard to make. Starting a YouTube channel and building a following isn’t a joke. That is why someone of the more famous people in the world is YouTubers. If I would have never written my first fuck you blog to the NCAA, my mind would have never connected these dots. Donald De La Haye, I am sorry for what the NCAA did to you.


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