Josh McDaniels Out as Colts Coach

BREAKING: Josh McDaniels just went full asshole. If my theory is correct probably not the worse move of all time. How he did it though, pretty fucking shitty. You can’t have all your assistant coaches drop everything and start heading to Indy just for you to say hours before that you’re not going. To be honest, I didn’t think this dude was shit to start with but I was going to give him a fair chance. Oh cool, he can call a good game when Tom Brady is his quarterback. Give him an average team and you have an 11-17 regular season record out of him. The only reason this is bad is that the Colts waited all playoffs for this man. He schedules his press conference and then later that day he dips. One main theory here. Has ZERO to do with Andrew Luck. If Josh McDaniels didn’t decide to ask about Luck until 12 hours before his first day then I don’t want him to start with. This clearly has to do with Belichick and Kraft not getting along this season. McDaniels would rather be the head coach of the team that he is already apart of instead of trying to build his own team. That’s fair. So the question that can’t be answered yet is, Is Belichick out?


Update: Dave Portnoy, Barstool Founder, has just released this picture. Is this the conversation of Kraft telling Belichick to pack his shit? Or is it possible GM promotion? IMG_0610


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