We Just Witnessed it All

We just witnessed the greatest super bowl of all time. That’s a problem. Watching it I was happy as fuck. But now I have to realize that I am only 21 years old and I don’t think I will ever see something like it again. So what super bowl do I have to look forward too? I didn’t even have a dog in the fight and it was still outstanding, I was emotional after the game for Nick Foles, and I didn’t even think I gave a fuck about who won until the game ended. I am not the typical Indy fan who automatically hates Tom Brady, I am over that 11-year-old stage. But it was nice to see a new winner finally. To witness 1,151 yards in a fucking super bowl is incredible. Nick Foles and Brady were just fucking perfect. You couldn’t script a game as good as that one and make it believable. Not to mention, Nick Foles is the guy that wins you the big game that everyone counted you out of because he was your quarterback. Fuck. I am happy as can be right now but next year at the same time will probably be bummed out because Brady just won number 6 by 3 touchdowns.


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