Tom Brady Kissing His Son on the Lips???

Listen Tom Brady can do what he wants because he is the ultimate big baller. But even he isn’t allowed to make out with his own son. This was actually fucked up. If you haven’t seen it, basically Tom is getting a massage and his son is about to walk out of the room and Tom stops him so they can kiss or whatever. His son pecks him on the lips and turns to walk away. Tom fucking calls him out for it being a peck, and then they basically do a mini makeout sesh during this massage, while this is all being recorded. Listen I have heard of people kissing their children on the lips and shit, but I never thought it was real. Also, I thought if you kissed family members on the lips it was a god given rule that it was a peck, not a makeout sesh. I would say Eagles by 20 even this was any other quarterback, but since its Tom Brady, I think you bet heavier on the Patriots because Tom wants to get everyone calling him a weird fuck out of their mouths. Tom, I hate to say it, but I don’t think people are going to forget this one bud. But I also don’t think you give a shit so props to you. My words of advice here, just kiss him on the cheek on camera you can do your weird shit off camera but on camera chill bro.


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