Are We Actually Believing This Shit?

First things first fuck Chris Haynes. This dude literally made up a title to make people think Lebron was going to Golden State. You literally read the title of the article and then you click on the article and it has zero information that Lebron is going to Golden State. Why the fuck would anyone believe this? I don’t even think Lebron’s bullshit camp (is that racist Bron) made this up. I think 100% ESPN made this shit up to get the views up. They told some random writer to make a title sounding like Lebron was going to Golden State and then to just write the article with no information in it. Chris Haynes clearly doesn’t have a hair on his nuts and is all about the fake views. For Lebron to go to Golden State they would most likely have to get rid of Klay and Draymond. If you think the Warriors are going to ditch two guys that helped so heavily in building this franchise for an enemy they play in the finals every year, you’re nuts. Why are other sports sources covering this like this is even a possibility? This is why people call ESPN Lebron dick suckers because all of their shows today were based on a false narrative that they made up just so that they could talk about Lebron. There hasn’t been a reason to talk about Lebron in 2 months so they made up the biggest shit of all time. Lebron is only staying in Cleveland in one scenario. He gets ownership. Lebron is only going to Golden State in one scenario. The whole team dies in a plane crash so its a fresh start. I don’t think anyone on the Warriors wants to play with Lebron. All of the Veteran players that play on Golden States bench didn’t go and play with Lebron knowing they were going to make the finals. ESPN wants to paint this picture perfect world where everyone loves Lebron. People hate greatness. Bottom line. Golden State players aren’t fucking buddy buddy with Bron. He drafts Kevin Durant for the all-star game and they just assume he’s going to Golden State. Get your shit straight ESPN. This is the worst fake news in sports history. Fuck the dude who made this story. And fuck anyone who actually believes in this story.


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