The Bachelor: Top 3 at the Halfway Point

So we are about halfway through this season of the Bachelor. Although Arie is unbearable at times, there are still great women that this goon can pick from. Arie is hardly an upgrade to Nick, and it just isn’t that hard to be better than that guy. After long hours of thinking and analysis, I’m able to confidently reveal my top three women this season. My number one choice was easy from the beginning, but the two to round out my top picks took some thought. Let’s get right into it.

Seinne The Bachelor

1. Seinne – This girl is absolutely amazing. She is the obvious standout of the group. I fell in love with her on the one-on-one date. She’s absolutely stunning, while also appearing to be the most down to earth. To be honest, I don’t want Arie to pick her because she deserves so much better. I’m going to name two other favorites, but they just don’t compare to this girl. I probably wouldn’t be watching this season without her. This girl rivals my all-time favorite from Nick’s season, Kristina Schulman, and I never thought that would be possible. So Seinne, if you ever see this (not a chance in hell you will), please give me a shot. I’m not kidding everyone, I want this girl to meet my mom.

Lauren B The Bachelor

2. Lauren B – Again, I have to emphasize, Seinne is the frontrunner, and it’s not close. However, there are other women who are also great and they, unfortunately, don’t have the choice but to be compared. So let’s talk about Lauren. It doesn’t take much time to realize how gorgeous she is. Based on Arie’s history after being on the Bachelorette, I believe that Lauren B is his type. She has moments where she says some cringe-worthy stuff, but it’s easy to look past it during her conversations with Arie. She would just be a solid choice and I can see it. She was close to falling into my third spot, but the more I see her, the more I like her.

Tia The Bachelor1

3. Tia – This girl is very easy to like. She’s all-around pretty great. Similarly to Lauren B, she can say some things that I just don’t like. She had a pretty nice one-one-one date with Arie, but she didn’t stand out enough for me to put her at second. If a girl isn’t able to wow you in their own one-on-one, then it can be hard to make them a favorite. However, I liked Tia from the beginning so she already made her impression on me, and it was good enough to make her top three. She has a southern accent, which for me doesn’t change her ranking. But if you’re into that, this girl is for you.

I don’t see my favorites changing anytime soon. Seinne really couldn’t do anything to change my mind, while the other two are just better than the rest after them. The only thing I can do now is hope Seinne is not chosen and becomes the next Bachelorette. So there you have it. Arie should either pick Lauren or Tia, and also make the show more watchable by sending home Krystal ASAP.




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