Episode 4 – DNOEL has almost been arrested 3 different times???

Episode 4 features DNOEL and Speas. They talk NCAA allegations, Adam Rippon being annoying, 1-16 NBA playoff idea, Kawhi Leonard never playing for the Spurs again. DNOEL tells the story of his ridiculous luck of almost getting arrested 3 different times. The last thing, they talk about is the hypothetical “if you had to get punched by one NBA player who would it be”. Subscribe and leave a 5 star rating!


Kawhi Leonard is Never Playing for the Spurs Again.

I don’t think Kawhi Leonard is as hurt as the Spurs are making it seem. About a month ago it was reported by tons of sources that Kawhi Leonard and the Spurs were having “relationship troubles”. I will be more surprised if Kawhi Leonard isn’t traded during this NBA offseason then if he plays for the Spurs again. If Kawhi wants out the door he isn’t going to play and risk hurting himself more. The day he is supposed to play is now pushed to possibly not this season. It has moved like every week this whole season. Everyone has waited to get the normal Spurs back but Kawhi is nowhere to be found. He also hasn’t made progress to get back on the court, it doesn’t seem like. It will be sad to see Kawhi wear a different jersey besides the Spurs but it could also be good for the league because I don’t see the Spurs going anywhere. The Spurs aren’t going to win another championship without him in the near future but there are plenty of teams that aren’t going to win a championship in my lifetime and the Spurs already have five times. I am kinda sad thinking about Kawhi, not on the Spurs come crunch time in the playoffs. It has been fun and entertaining and as a non-Spurs fan that is about all, I could ask. I haven’t looked at contracts or anything like that but my honest prediction on where he goes is – to the Suns for their top 5 pick for the 2018 draft and TJ Warren. Maybe also throw in some garbage like Dragan Bender to make it work. I think what the Spurs get for Kawhi won’t seem as high as it needs to be but will work out because Popovich makes it work.

Adam Rippon is Annoying. Bottom Line.

Let’s get a few things out before we start. First, he is more talented than I will ever be at anything and I will 100% own that. Second, I have nothing against him being gay. One of the closest people to me in this whole world is gay. I have nothing wrong with that. That has zero to do with me thinking he is annoying. Every time I watch a video of this man I just cringe because it’s so annoying. Everyone was saying how he connected with people because he related with everyone. Athletes never come out during an interview and start talking about drugs and alcohol. I have the full respect that he did this, but I more or less think that is so far from relatable because no one does that. And let us get something straight, I have had my fair share of doing dumbass shit, so I am not talking like I am an angel but I don’t publically announce it. Random people, they interview on the news who are clear druggies don’t even say stuff like that. The video that NBC Olympics Twitter account posted of him finishing the sentences, I was embarrassed for him. He should have to pay my dental bills because half of my teeth are dull now from cringing after every answer. Some of my favorite writers love this guy and I am just out. I will forever root for him in the rink because he is representing The United States of America but it stops there. I think he is just shooting for attention at this point and we are just feeding the fire. If LeBron James came out and said he needed a Xanax after a game, the world would LOSE THEIR SHIT. “what about the kids LeBron” “Drugs are bad LeBron” LeBron isn’t GOAT because he does Xanax”. But for some reason some cheesy figure skater says it and we are all in. I don’t know. He is just annoying.

Congrats on your medal and thank you for the medal for our country. You represented the United States well.

P.S – He is a good looking dude though, we aren’t going to ignore that at all.

When We First Met (Review)

When we first met a Netflix Original. Very solid movie. First things first Adam DeVine may be the most underrated actor in all of Hollywood. This dude is fucking hilarious and I don’t understand why he doesn’t get the respect he deserves. Adam DeVine is the only guy I think that could have nailed this role. This movie has a huge twist that I don’t think anyone predicted. They did a great job of hiding what actually happens but also keeping it right in front of your face. I respect that work. This movie is everything you need. Some good comedy, a good drama/romance. This may my favorite genre of movies and I didn’t fully realize it until after I finished this movie. Adam DeVine is hilarious in this movie basically from start to finish. He plays the role perfectly of being sad but hilarious and it made me love this dude. I actually want a lot more Adam DeVine movies starting now. My official rating for When We First Met is a 8.3. I think this movie is very very good. Solid rating of 8.3/10.

The 100 Season 1 Review (RunBack)

This being a RunBack means I have already watched this before. I am running it back with one of my favorite shows that continues to go under the radar. The 100 Season 1 review. Season 1 of this show is one of the more intense first seasons of any show. They do a great job of making you understand who the characters are first thing. They portray people perfectly. They also waste no time killing off characters. They killed off 4 or 5 characters, that could have changed parts of the future show, first thing. The whole thing where they have more technology than ever before but when they get to the ground there is nothing is absolutely great. It really shows more of the fact that none of these people have experienced earth and it really gets its point across. Clarke (Eliza Taylor) does everything you want your leader to do in this season. She makes all of the tough decisions that no one else wants to make and she is ruthless and you always need that. Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) is the perfect side character to a show that could at any time be the main character for episodes on end. She is a very risky character. She is always doing opposite of what makes sense and it always plays out to her advantage. You need this kind of character to make a show work. Not to mention, but Marie Avgeropoulos is a fucking smoke show. Octavia is easily my biggest crush on a fictional character that I have ever had. Granted that I have already watched all 4 seasons so I know what she ends up being but WOW. Bellamy (Bob Morley) is the other leader of the group. Having a male and a female leader that doesn’t have a sexual relationship really helps this show. If they were involved in a relationship it would make the decisions of the show different. Bellamy is the kind of character that the first half of the season you completely fucking hate the dude but after the season goes on his true-self comes out and you really have to start enjoying the guy. Bellamy also could be dead because he was on the outside of the explosion so you don’t really know what happened to him. There was no further proof that Bellamy was alive. Lincoln (Ricky Whittle) is an actual grounder in this show. Lincoln is supposed to be on the other side of the fence but he is playing on the fence instead. He constantly helps out the kids instead of helping the grounders even though he is a grounder. He just doesn’t believe that what his group of people are doing is correct. So he acts the opposite of the rest. The last character worth noting for season 1 of The 100 is Finn (Thomas McDonell) Finn is caught between a love storm of two characters, Raven from the arc and Clarke the leader of the 100. He is also a character who always wants to do things the right way and he doesn’t actually like violence. He does a lot of the 100s dirty work. He doesn’t take orders he does what he has to do to make it work. Finn will play a big role in the near future. Finn also had to stay on the outside of the explosion with Bellamy so you can assume Finn could be dead. The show hasn’t been scared to kill off characters that is for sure. Other characters worth noting but I will cover them later in different seasons since I already know what is coming is Monty, Jasper, Raven, Abigail, Jaha, and Marcus. They all play a very significant role in season 1 but I feel like they play a bigger role down the street so I would rather talk about it then. If this wasn’t a RunBack I would cover all of them but since I know there is time I will save it. My official rating for season 1 of The 100 is a 8.6. Season 1 is excellent. This is a show where you waste your whole day watching and that’s what I want. Very high score but I believe that’s what it deserves. 8.6/10.

Podcast Episode 3!!!

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Underrated Story From the 2017-2018 College Football Season

Donald De La Haye… You remember the name? Probably not because of them fuckers called the NCAA. Donald De La Haye is the kicker from Central Florida who was making money off of YouTube and the NCAA got their dicks out and said no. They said that he wasn’t allowed to make money off of YouTube as a college athlete. Everyone reading is now confused why I am writing this story that broke so long ago. THIS KID PLAYED FOR CENTRAL FLORIDA. This kid missed out on a 13-0 season because of the country club called the NCAA didn’t respect that he worked harder than them. He literally didn’t get to celebrate a perfect season with his teammates because of the NCAA. I’m going to go as far to say anyone involved in trying to stop Donald from making YouTube videos should have their house burned down. The NCAA is praying that this doesn’t go viral because someone may literally burn down their houses. They ruined this kids life. The most enjoyable experience he would have ever had they stole it from him. What a bunch of cock suckers. I truly feel awful for Donald. The fact that I haven’t seen this story yet is wild. The fucking NCAA wins again. What a disgusting group of humans to ruin this young man’s enjoyment. All because he refused to give them the money he has already worked so hard to make. Starting a YouTube channel and building a following isn’t a joke. That is why someone of the more famous people in the world is YouTubers. If I would have never written my first fuck you blog to the NCAA, my mind would have never connected these dots. Donald De La Haye, I am sorry for what the NCAA did to you.

The NCAA Can Fuck Right Off

The NCAA announced today that they denied the appeal for Notre Dame to get their wins back from 2012-2013 football season. I have two things here:

1.) Who gives a fuck anyway? The NCAA just says the wins don’t count so we are supposed to care. I watched every second of those seasons and in my mind, as a fan, those games outcomes will never change. The games they won and the games they lost. Nothing changes. Everyone is obviously going to say “But Derrik, you are the biggest Notre Dame fan, this is bias”.  The biggest fan part is true. The bias part not so much. When the NCAA got their dicks out over Reggie Bush’s parents taking money, I sided with Reggie Bush. They forced a guy to give back a Heisman trophy over the school giving his parents money. Did Reggie know or didn’t he? It doesn’t matter, he was still the best player in the NCAA by a longshot. Notre Dame’s instance was a little different because a trainer was helping/doing players homework. If you can say you’ve never cheated on school work, you’re a fucking liar. These kids are going to a prestigious school where academics are a must. If a kid doesn’t understand something and someone offers to help them, they would be a fucking idiot to turn it down. The NCAA can suck my dick. They think they control the world. It’s nothing but a damn white country club whose dicks can’t get hard anymore so they just take it out on Student-athletes. These fuckers are going straight to hells gates, they’re nothing but a corrupt group of people. If it doesn’t benefit the country club then they’re not for it. If a kid is making money on YouTube videos, the NCAA says “no no you will not succeed anyway past what we say”.

2.) You’re going to hell you crooked mother fuckers.

The Original 421 Episode 2 – Speas is here!

We talk everything about the Superbowl, we give a quick rundown of what our expectations are for this Notre Dame recruiting class, we break down what the Cavaliers accomplished this trade deadline. (0.00-32.36). We talked about what it means to post a Fornite victory on your story. We give you two great hypotheticals to wrap up the show.