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Month: February 2018

Episode 4 – DNOEL has almost been arrested 3 different times???

Episode 4 features DNOEL and Speas. They talk NCAA allegations, Adam Rippon being annoying, 1-16 NBA playoff idea, Kawhi Leonard never playing for the Spurs again. DNOEL tells the story of his ridiculous luck of almost getting arrested 3 different Read More


Kawhi Leonard is Never Playing for the Spurs Again.

I don’t think Kawhi Leonard is as hurt as the Spurs are making it seem. About a month ago it was reported by tons of sources that Kawhi Leonard and the Spurs were having “relationship troubles”. I will be more Read More

Adam Rippon is Annoying. Bottom Line.

Let’s get a few things out before we start. First, he is more talented than I will ever be at anything and I will 100% own that. Second, I have nothing against him being gay. One of the closest people Read More

When We First Met (Review)

When we first met a Netflix Original. Very solid movie. First things first Adam DeVine may be the most underrated actor in all of Hollywood. This dude is fucking hilarious and I don’t understand why he doesn’t get the respect Read More

The 100 Season 1 Review (RunBack)

This being a RunBack means I have already watched this before. I am running it back with one of my favorite shows that continues to go under the radar. The 100 Season 1 review. Season 1 of this show is Read More

Underrated Story From the 2017-2018 College Football Season

Donald De La Haye… You remember the name? Probably not because of them fuckers called the NCAA. Donald De La Haye is the kicker from Central Florida who was making money off of YouTube and the NCAA got their dicks Read More

The NCAA Can Fuck Right Off

The NCAA announced today that they denied the appeal for Notre Dame to get their wins back from 2012-2013 football season. I have two things here: 1.) Who gives a fuck anyway? The NCAA just says the wins don’t count Read More

The Original 421 Episode 2 – Speas is here!

We talk everything about the Superbowl, we give a quick rundown of what our expectations are for this Notre Dame recruiting class, we break down what the Cavaliers accomplished this trade deadline. (0.00-32.36). We talked about what it means to Read More

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