Not Sure About All This…..

IMG_0584Listen I am as proud as the next guy. Congratulations. Sometimes there are limits in this world no matter what this tweet says. A 5-foot female will never dunk a basketball on a ten-foot goal. I will never run a 2-minute mile. I will never be 7 foot 3. I could go all day, the point is there are limitations. I know those limitations are based on actual things that you can’t control. She can’t control that she wasn’t born with arms. Flying a plane can kill a lot of people if there are passengers or not on the plane. I am not saying she can’t fly a plane I’m just saying this isn’t a great idea. Have you ever had a cramp in your leg? You literally can’t move and your whole body is paralyzed. What can she do in this situation? That is the one reason that no one will convince me otherwise. I have had a cramp and I know that my leg wouldn’t work for 5 minutes after that. You just don’t have that time while flying a plane that could hurt a lot of people. I might truly just be overthinking the whole situation but I am going to regardless this just doesn’t seem safe. Some jobs just require all 4 limbs and this sure seems like one to me. I am not writing this to insult this girl one bit because this is a hell of an accomplishment. And I am happy for her. Who the fuck am I to judge.

Also, what kind of weirdo writes out a tweet taking credit for someone else’s accomplishments. What a fucking weird move.


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