Dinner With Jay-Z or $50,000??

Let’s get this straight, the question is would you rather get a dinner with Jay-Z or $50,000? This is not a tough question even a little. You take the $50,000. $50,000 dollars at one time is a pretty solid amount of money. I am not sure there is anyone I would rather have the dinner than the money so it made this a very easy answer. The biggest argument is that you could ask Jay-Z questions and get answers that in time would equal more than $50,000. Not a fucking chance. If you’re as smart as Jay-Z you are. You wouldn’t need the time with him, you would probably need money to start. If you need Jay-Z to tell you how to make more than $50,000. Simple. I can answer that. GET A FUCKING JOB. Not everyone is just automatically a musical genius because they had a 2-hour conversation with Jay-Z. You SoundCloud rappers need to just chill. One talk with Jay-Z isn’t going to make you have a platinum song. It would be idiotic to not just take $50,000. $50,000 pays an average person bills for a year without ever working a second. Maybe I just don’t value the time with Jay-Z as others would but I don’t think in 2-hours he could teach me how to make over $50,000 dollars. This dinner doesn’t come with a Jay-Z promotion at the end. All you have is his word in the end. You would be a dumbass to not take the $50,000.


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