@BleacherReport Coming At @barstoolsports. This is going to be a Mistake. ( @stoolpresidente )

This is an absolute mistake. Bleacher Report is actually incompetent, so them not knowing this is a mistake doesn’t actually surprise me. They’re the same company that tweets out hours after the XFL press conference asking if Johnny Football was going to be the first signee. After it was clearly stated that he was not allowed to play in the XFL because of criminal charges. Dave Portnoy is not a man to be messing with under any circumstances. Everyone that has crossed him has gone down. John Skipper, for example, canceled Barstool Van Talk after 1 episode and Skipper is gone. Sam Ponder was part of the reasoning for Barstool Van Talk getting canceled and every show she is apart of is having their worst years since she has been involved. So why the fuck would a company as incompetent as Bleacher Report come at the king. (that kind of answered itself) This is possibly the worse thing a company built 100% off of slideshows could do. Dave Portnoy made a 100 million dollar company that started out selling papers himself. He created an empire that has taken over social media. He is not going to let anyone bad mouth the stool. And Bleacher Report a company who is terrible at social media as it is is going to try and cross Portnoy. I don’t think so. Why would you want to cross a guy that literally says whatever he wants when he wants? Portnoy is going to hold no mercy, he hasn’t yet so why the fuck would he for fucking Pinocchio? Not to mention if you follow barstool you know who their people are. I can’t name a single soul for Bleacher Report and I have followed sports since out of the womb. I didn’t know who Pinocchio was until today. (By the way, not his real name but close enough) You might as well see Bleacher Report hiring someone in place of this fool soon because he just crossed a man in this media world that you probably shouldn’t have. If you know anything about Portnoy you know that he isn’t going to drop this until this guy is fired. I’m under the impression Barstool already wasn’t a huge fan of “Slideshow Report” but I can guarantee they’re not even a little bit of a fan now. Just last week I wrote a blog talking about how Bleacher Report was incompetent fucks and here we are today they’re just proving my point one day at a time. What a world. Down goes Bleacher Report. Viva La Stool


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