@BleacherReport is Incompetent

IMG_0575Bleacher Report is officially incompetent and someone needs to be fired. How the fuck do you tweet something this stupid? This blows the Cowboys tweet out of the water. This tweet happened at 5.00pm. The announcing of the XFL was at 3.00pm. This tweet doesn’t seem that dumb yet, right? WRONG. Vince McMahon stated during the announcement that no one with a criminal record will be allowed to play in the XFL. Two fucking hours later Bleacher Report tweets this. How the fuck is he going to be the first signee if he isn’t even allowed in the league you incompetent fucks. Everyone knows about Manziels past, you would especially think a sports media company would, not Bleacher Report. Bleacher Report has estimated around 200 million dollars and this is the best they can do for social media. Literally, a company who lived and died off of slideshows for the longest time. Maybe go back to slide shows because the people running your social media are a bunch of incompetent fucks. Why has this not been deleted? Someone give this man some answers. Are you hiring a new guy in charge of the social media? Because any 10 year old in elementary that can read will be able to not make this fucking mistake. Bleacher Report a company that supposedly covers sports literally doesn’t even know what the fuck is going on in the sports world. The biggest sports news to happen all day that Manziel was not allowed to play in the XFL and Bleacher Report isn’t even aware. This is flat out embarrassing. You deserve to have an official apology to every single one of your followers for being incompetent. Maybe close the company. Maybe even just go back to slide shows. It got you this far and these dumbass tweets sure didn’t get you to this point. Your social media people literally took a nap and woke up and thought they dropped a bomb tweet when this isn’t even a fucking option. We could truly do without this stupidity. My vote is for Bleacher Report to just close down, in my opinion, you can’t recover from this stupidity. Earlier this week you take shots at fan favorite JuJu Smith and now you tweet some stupid shit like this. WOW


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