XFL IS BACK!!! Well Was Suppose To Be…. ( @JManziel2 )

The XFL announced today that they’re coming back in 2020. If I was a betting man (which I am) I am honestly going to say that it doesn’t even happen. Everyone is going to talk about it for the rest of the week and then come 2020 all the talk will die down and it won’t even be mentioned again and then 2020 will be about to end and we will all be saying “Fuck, The XFL never came back”. There is a very simple explanation for this, No Manziel No Views. New tagline I made right there. You can borrow it if you please. Seriously, what the fuck Vince Mcmahon WE WANT MANZIEL!! Why would you say no one with a criminal record is allowed to play? Who did you think was going to want to play in this? Uhhhhh all the NFL players that fuck up their careers by doing stupid shit on the side. Shit happens. I am going to be the first to announce that the XFL lasted 10 minutes. What a world we live in nowadays. Just let Manziel in, IT’S FUCKING COMEBACK$ZN! I have nothing against Kaepernick but if that is the biggest star the XFL can bring us I don’t want to watch that. Just because someone has a criminal record I don’t think the should be banned from a league. Michael Phelps has had a DUI before and still has 23 gold medals. Whats your response to that Mcmahon? Why would you instantly push viewers away from your league because you aren’t even going to let the most electric players play in the supposedly most electric league? At this moment, fuck the XFL no chance it lasts. There is a simple change you can make and I promise millions of more people are instantly more interested.  (It’s let Money Manziel play)


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