Why the fuck would someone ever put a tide pod in their mouth? This is a question that will never be answered. As a guy that tries to make people laugh at everything I do. This at no point is funny or was funny. When I see someone on the internet eating a tide pod all I can assure you is that that human is a fucking idiot with a terrible sense of humor. As a guy who just looks for funny things to get me through life, anything involving a tide pod has yet to be funny. This doesn’t need to be something labeled as something millennials are doing because being a millennial myself there is not one bit of humor in this dumbass meme. This so far has made 2018 the dumbest fucking year by a long shot. So just to make this clear this definitely is not a millennial thing because one I have never seen anyone do this and all my friends are millennials. And two most people don’t actually find this funny. Whoever started this trend please go and live on top of Mount Everest and don’t ever dare to come down. You have caused a whole generation of people to be judged on something we sure as hell shouldn’t be judged for because it is only a select few dumbasses. Not that I really care about what the older crowd thinks of “millennials” because there are just as many older fucks as there are younger fucks so its one for one there. The main lesson here kids: Don’t eat tide pods, you fucking idiots.


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