Where is Eddie Murphy?

Does anyone know if Eddie Murphy is even alive? I don’t think I have heard Eddie Murphy’s name in the media in seven-plus years. I don’t even know why I thought about him today but I did and I immediately had to question if he was even alive. I am here to inform you but he is still alive, supposedly. I guess he was even in a movie in 2016 called Mr. Chruch. It was one of his few movies that didn’t get nominated for an award so that’s probably the reason I have never even heard of it. His last film before that in 2012, A Thousand Words, he was nominated for the Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actor. I literally just laughed out loud. I’m sitting here wondering what the hell happen to Eddie Murphy’s career and he is being nominated for the worst actor of the year. Well, I think I now understand why I haven’t heard from him because his career is in the toilet. Are we 100% sure that Eddie Murphy is alive? I hate to start conspiracy theories but I might start pushing for the theory that he is actually dead. A bunch of random websites with no credibility says he isn’t dead but I am just thinking it is all a cover-up at this point. Do I actually believe in my own conspiracy theory? Absolutely fucking not. I really wrote this entire blog to let the people know that Eddie Murphy is indeed alive.

PS. -Fun Fact about Eddie Murphy he has had sex which his 9 kids prove. And that’s pretty cool I guess.


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