Jason Kidd is Out !

Jason Kidd is out as the Milwaukee Bucks head coach and I honestly don’t know if anyone gives a shit. Jason Kidd has a record of 139-152 as a head coach for the Milwaukee Bucks. Jason Kidd’s entrance into the Bucks organization was a wild ride and the exit is going to be the same way since the most up and coming player in the whole NBA, Giannis Antetokounmpo, is devasted by this move. Did the Bucks just ruin their chances with a future MVP? (if he can stay healthy) Maybe, but we are talking Milwaukee Bucks basketball. It wouldn’t be fair to assume they are ever going to make the right move to help the franchise. Granted the Bucks have been pretty excellent in the draft. But that’s about the only thing they do well. In Jason Kidd’s defense, they are making him play players like Thon Maker, who everyone assumes is going to be good but he averages 5 points a game. He has shown skill but playing a guy big minutes who can only bring it once a week shouldn’t make your standards to be a top 3 team in the East like everyone expects from them. Jason Kidd had a lot of good players who could be great players if everything fell through perfectly but people in the NBA talk like to throw this word “potential” around and “potential” to them means possible first-ballot Hall of Famer immediately. Jason Kidd was probably rightfully fired because they have underachieved terribly. Not to mention his constant mental math errors in games is absolutely insane. 8th seed in the East is a joke in general. Especially since they have top 4 or 5 talent. If Jason Kidd went to the playoffs this year as a top 4 or 5 seed and was fired after the season ended because they lost in the first round of the playoffs, I would then say he was wrongfully fired. You can’t expect a team of young kids to compete with the veterans who have been in the playoffs their whole careers. But you could make a simple argument that he should have been fired also. That didn’t happen so there really shouldn’t be that big of a backlash involving this whole firing. Back to my first point who gives a shit about the Milwaukee Bucks head coach anyways.


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