What are the Hornets doing?

Apparently, the Charlotte Hornets are looking for a trade partner for Kemba Walker, and it makes no goddamn sense to me. The Hornets need to rebuild, having no shot to make the playoffs anytime soon. But trading Walker just doesn’t seem like a good move, as he isn’t even making that much compared to the other bums on the team. Walker’s contract is $12 million a year for this year and the next. This makes him the SIXTH highest paid player on the Hornets. Dwight Howard, Nicolas Batum, Marvin Williams, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, and Cody Zeller are all above Walker on the payroll. The Hornets are not only trading away their best player, but also their best contract. Walker is perhaps the only bright spot in the entire Charlotte Hornets organization, and from what I’ve seen, the return for him might not be so good. The top contenders in the league right now simply don’t need a point guard. The Hornets have shown interest in a trade with the Knicks, but the Hornets are also looking to shed a bad contract along with Walker. The contracts above Walker are absolutely awful, but Walker is a steal. A player in his prime for only $12 million a year, averaging nearly 22 ppg and 6 apg is a no-brainer for any team, except the dumbass Hornets. So to all the teams in the league: take advantage of Charlotte immediately and go get Kemba Walker and take one of those bad contracts. It’s completely worth it. I can’t bring myself to understand what is going on with the Hornets. According to ESPN Stats & Info, the Hornets have had 6 lottery picks since Michael Jordan became the owner. Walker is the only one to be an all-star. The Hornets’ front office is clearly a joke and every team should be taking advantage of their stupidity. Nothing in return for Kemba Walker will make the team better than what it is. Charlotte is destined to go from bad to shitty, and they seem more than happy to just let that happen. Besides the Pacers stealing Oladipo and Sabonis from the Thunder, this could be one of the biggest steals for a team that I can remember. I hope to see Walker land with a team in either conference who is in the bottom half of the playoff picture to make a first-round series more interesting, and I hope to see the Hornets become even worse over the next few years due to their ridiculous decisions.


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