The Zoo (Season 1-3) Review

The Zoo, a show most people probably have never heard of. I was exploring Netflix one day looking for a new show to watch. I came across the Zoo. It had a pretty interesting description about it and I thought yeah I’ll give it a chance. I started watching, immediately hooked on the concept of the show. Very intriguing and they do a great job of making sure you always want to immediately see the next episode which makes it a perfect show to binge watch. Season 2 is so interesting and different that I literally didn’t move a whole day and watched all of season 2 in one sitting. This is not a show where you will catch yourself refreshing Twitter not even realizing that you are watching a show. Not even close to that. Acting is pretty good for what it is, the main character Jackson( James Wolk) does a great job. A very through and through show, everything in the show makes sense for what it is. No huge gray areas like a lot of random non-popular tv shows. The biggest downfall of this show is it is literally canceled. I am very bummed out that I will never get to see if they were or weren’t able to save the world. That does sadly affect my score.  My official rating for The Zoo Seasons 1-3 is a 7.1 out of 10. I feel as the show is one of the more underrated shows but it just isn’t everyone’s type of show and I understand that. 7.1/10


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