The Open House Review

A little movie review for the people. The Open House a Netflix original. Netflix known for their TV shows instead of their movies, and after watching this you’re going to still believe they should just stick to TV shows. The setting of the show and how it plays out early making it a little heartfelt film before they scare the shit out of you. Netflix executed this movie terribly. They completely blew it. They had a chance to make the ending of this movie great and make this considered a good movie but they completely fucked it up. Really every part of this movie is pretty good until you get to the ending. They tied absolutely nothing together, they just left everything on the table and the ending was fucking terrible. There are like 5 different endings they could have chosen and they all make more sense and they are a better ending then what they choose. Whoever put this movie together should be ashamed of the ending of this movie. My official rating for The Open House is a 5.3 out of 10. This could have easily been in the high 7’s but the ending was fucking terrible. 5.3/10


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