Fuck This……

Absolutely fuck this. Should we be judging a 13-year-olds relationship? No, we shouldn’t but we are. Millie Bobby Brown is basically a superhero in Stranger Things. (Eleven) Not only a superhero, I am pretty sure she is America’s favorite superhero now. She literally took the world by storm and she is dating a fucking musical.ly star. Not to mention this one!! I have no clue why but like half of the internet already hates Jacob Sartorius. How am I suppose to believe in Eleven if she’s dating a musical.ly star? This honestly kind of hurts the show in my opinion. Am I still going to watch? Without question. I just don’t know if I can be as scared of Eleven if I was a Demogorgon since she’s dating this kid. It kind of makes her look soft I ain’t gonna lie. Everyone that is going to say just leave her alone, fuck you to those people. She makes a fuck ton of money at 13 for being an actor, I have more than enough right to not like her decisions. Plus she is my favorite superhero nowadays. I don’t really know what anyone can do to resolve this problem. Truthfully I don’t give a shit if it is resolved or not but I just wanted to get this heat off of my chest.


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