Dear Juliette Porter, ( @juliettep0rter )

To the most beautiful girl, I have ever laid eyes on. Ms. Juliette Porter, the only actual reason I watch Siesta Key. I, Derrik Noel promise with all my heart that in no circumstances would I fuck you over and make you look like a fool. I personally am tired of seeing this on TV. So I am here to let you know that I would treat you right and I think I deserve a fair chance. I might not be the most attractive guy to ever walk the face of the earth but I promise I can treat a lady right. Especially you. How everyone else struggles with it, blows my mind. I am from Indiana so let’s start with a date and we can go from there. We can put an end to you being heart broken time and time again. Just go ahead give me a shot and we can make this whole thing work. As a man with high confidence, I am here to say I am pretty sure it would work. We would have to work on the being 700 miles away from each other but Indiana weather isn’t that nice and Florida isn’t too bad. I would have to drop everything though, and I am not even a little scared to do it. I look forward to hearing back from you because you deserve to be treated right! Talk soon.

From yours truly,



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