Suicide isn’t a Science…

Suicide is a big issue in the world. Normally I write blogs involving comedy and sports and such but not today.  With another suicide at our hands, something has to change. Someone isn’t being truthful nor are we taking the steps to actually prevent suicide instead using science to try and stop suicide which frankly doesn’t make any sense. I think it is clear these people are having depression problems, something has gone terribly wrong, can’t get over life choices they made in the past, there are plenty of reasons suicide happens and we know that. The most common is depression/sadness. I being the one trying to address these problems have truly never had depression. I haven’t and I am truly happy I haven’t. I have been lucky not everyone has this option. This isn’t an on and off switch. Everyone handles things differently and I understand that. I’m not here to tell you how to get rid of depression because I am not the guy to do that. But, I don’t think a lot of people with depression want to talk about it which is why I personally am trying to help in the best way I can. I don’t have a huge following and I know that and times like today I really wish I did. I personally have never had someone close to me commit suicide and I am grateful for that. But some of my best friends have had people close to them commit suicide. I don’t care if I knew you, didn’t know you or anything above if you commit suicide I promise you it hurt me inside even if I don’t emotionally show it. The thought of suicide has always bothered me and I wish it didn’t happen but it does. The suicide prevention hotlines that we have in America are a great thing and they really should be used more than they are but I hate to say it, no one is using those hotlines unless it is an ideal situation. People don’t want to call that number when their parents or husband or wife or children are in the next room because you don’t want people to hear you battling these problems because it is hard and we understand we truly do. There have to be better ways. The kid with 200 twitter followers shouldn’t be the kid noticing this. People with millions of followers need to be addressing this. It truly isn’t always an ideal situation to call that number and you have to understand this. Someone has to change something and find a better solution because clearly what we are doing now isn’t working a fucking bit. There doesn’t need to be research done on the brains to help with suicide. Under no circumstances is that going to help anything. How is the study of one’s brain going to help the next kid? No one is the same. Also, you aren’t going to be able to find anything to actually help with that suicide. It is done it is over. Someone doesn’t have a mom, dad, brother, sister, grandma, grandpa and you think a study of the brain is going to help that situation, how? Mental illness doesn’t need millions and millions of dollars pumped into just so we can still be as confused as we fucking were when we started. How is that efficient? Why am I the person pointing this out? I am not going to name organizations because I am not here to put 1 particular organization on blast because I feel as they all aren’t doing their part. But a suicide prevention organization had 25 million dollars of funding in 2016. And that only covered part of the research for mental illness supposedly. 25 million fucking dollars and suicide is at a 30 year high. It is up 30%. Someone, please explain where this fucking money is going? How can an organization be giving 25 million dollars and it actually makes suicide worst? I hate to say they aren’t trying but look at the facts. I am not saying suicide prevention companies are a scam because they all aren’t. Suicide is at an all-time high for teenage girls. Do you suicide prevention companies realize research on mental illness isn’t going to stop this from happening? If you haven’t figured it out by now you aren’t going too. A teenage girl isn’t going to tell her parents or whoever that she needs a therapist. Someone has to reach these people in a different way. Not to mention these organizations were using some of the money to study how people committed suicide. Why the fuck does that matter? You now have a statistic on what people commit suicide with but someone else doesn’t have their mom, dad, brother, sister, son, daughter, etc. And you are worried about what they used. I cannot get an exact number of how much money was donated to help suicide prevention, but if one company was given 25 million I would say the total number is very high. Some organizations are smarter than to let you know how much money they used to not make a difference. And once again suicide is up 30%. I am not saying I am the solution to these problems but clearly neither are the people who are trying to help. Research in a lab is never going to help this situation and I will die believing that no matter what anyone tells me. Enough research has been done, now someone needs to put the research to work and try and lower this number. I am not writing this to offended anyone. I am writing this because people need to do more. Organizations are getting millions of dollars a year to help prevent suicide, yet no one has ever spoken to me about it unless sadly it happens. Maybe we should try and reach people before it happens instead of after. I am not a scientist and I don’t need any research to know that makes more sense. But we continually do it the opposite way. If no one changes the direction of how this prevention is supposed to work then nothing is ever going to change. Once again I am a kid who myself has never battled this and I do not plan too. But I am so sick and tired of kids my age committing suicide time and time again and the only thing people say is if you have problems talk to someone. Clearly, that isn’t going to fucking happen. They don’t want to talk about that’s clear. You are going to have to get through a better way than telling us what to do when it is too late. Anyone who knows me reading this, knows I am not a person who wouldn’t normally write something like this because me putting my heart into writing something just doesn’t seem like me. But this suicide issue is getting out of hand and no one is trying to slow it down. Once again I think the concept of suicide organizations are great but I think the money is spent horribly. Someone needs to try a new strategy because the one they are using is statistically the worst of all time. If this offended you I am sorry because that was not my goal.


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