Are the Cowboys Stupid or just Stupid?

IMG_0553 (1)Who is in Charge of the Dallas Cowboys social media? This is the most pathetic tweet of 2018 by the longshot. Does Jerry Jones know what the fuck is going on? The Cowboys didn’t even make the playoffs and they’re out here trying to say they’re successful because they have ex-Cowboys players and coaches in the AFC and NFC championships! What kind of pathetic shit is that! The Cowboys are literally just telling everyone involved to get the fuck out the door because you’ll be a lot more successful somewhere else besides here. I think the Cowboys should probably worry about making the playoffs before they worry about the AFC and NFC championship. What was this going to accomplish? No one was going to just think this was fucking impressive. This is literally a college football social media move, and in the college football world, it makes sense. Why would an NFL team embarrass themselves like this? Whoever decided this was a good idea should be kicked out the door. Knowing that old fuck Jerry Jones he wrote this whole thing to help him sleep at night. Cowboys fan are already terribly stupid. This for sure isn’t helping a damn thing. My final words for the Cowboys get your shit together this isn’t acceptable.


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