Is it Book or is it Wimbush?

Maybe the biggest known quarterback battle this spring features Notre Dames Ian Book and Notre Dames Brandon Wimbush. This is BIG for Notre Dame fans. Brandon Wimbush, who had 1,870 passing yards 16 touchdowns and 6 interceptions and also contributed 804 rushing yards with 14 more touchdowns on the ground, seems to obviously be the clear favorite to be the starting quarterback when 2018 rolls around. But just wait the sophomore Ian Book seems to be turning a lot of heads after he came in and bailed Wimbush out of the Citrus Bowl and pulled off the win against at the time the 9-3 LSU Tigers. Ian Book who had 456 passing yards with 4 touchdowns and 4 interceptions, also 206 yards on the ground. (started 1 game) So going into the spring I don’t believe that Wimbush is already sealed into the number 1 quarterback spot as weird as that sounds. We have seen this all before as ND fans. Dates back to the 2014 Music City bowl when Zaire got his first start of his career and won the quarterback battle that spring and was the starter for the first two games for the Irish before suffering a broken leg. Brandon Wimbush is clearly better at running the football than Ian Book. He is built for it, he has the quickness and he has the speed. But without a doubt, Ian Book throws the ball a hell of a lot better than Wimbush can. Ian Book takes shots to keep the defense on their feet. Wimbush doesn’t. Ian Book completes 61% of his passes and Brandon Wimbush only completes 49%, which has to be a lot higher if you want a team in the playoffs.

The offense seems to have a lot more confidence when Ian Book is on the field. Wimbush seems to always shy away from pressure and just lofts everything when he nervous. Ian Book, I am assuming didn’t take very many snaps with the first team last season but when he was in he always made the most of it (except against Miami). If you can’t tell I want Ian Book to be the starting quarterback in 2018. The kid just wants to win and you can tell by the few times he has been on the field. Wimbush plays like he is irreplaceable and just doesn’t give a fuck. Ian Book proved to me in the Citrus Bowl that his time has come and it is time for him to take the reigns. Multiple plays I watched Book keep a play alive and make a great throw in the clutch of the game and all I could think was Wimbush couldn’t do that. When your second string quarterback is on the field that thought should never cross your mind. A fan shouldn’t feel more confident with your backup on the field than your starter. Ian Book if it is up to me, you’re the starting quarterback of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Also, little side note Book could possibly be the best looking quarterback in college football and that might make my opinion a little bias.  GO IRISH!ian book


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