Clay Travis is a Fruitcake

If you don’t know who Clay Travis is honestly good. Exit this blog now and don’t even continue reading because the dude is just a loser. Clay Travis is the same guy who created “DBAP” (don’t be a pussy) and he doesn’t even follow his own phrase. For this guy to have the nuts to say the NFL needs to “issue an official apology” for becoming politicized. If people like this mother fucker who had a platform would just quit talking about all the kneeling it would be gone. People like Clay Travis are keeping it around. This dude will do anything in the world to get views. He will say things borderline racist just so people will chirp at him. He won’t only say these things he literally is borderline racist. But he is actually not he just wants views.  I hope he doesn’t have trouble sleeping at night knowing that he will literally never act like himself his whole life just so he can get a paycheck. That seems like a terrible way to live your life. Every single time there is a hot topic in the streets that include political views Clay Travis the sports guy is the 1st one to cover it. THE SPORTS GUY.  Dudes a fucking fruitcake. Read through this mans twitter, its embarrassing that this man ever had a job with a major sports company. This dude is a fucking loser. Clay Travis DBAP.


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